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Inline with the article posted on the New York Times by Jed Rubenfeldon November 15, 2014, entitled ‘Mishandling Rape’, strategiesthat have been used in campus to deal with incidences of rape havefailed, whereby female students are defiled and the perpetratorsalmost invaluably go free. As such the approaches available will haveto review checking for the root cause of the problem. The victims arealso required to report the matter to the police for follow-uparrests of the rapists to face punishment. In order to curb down rapeincidences, colleges should break the link between alcohol, all-maleclubs, and campus party life. And where students present a formalcomplain, the college should provide a lawyer to guide them on theabout of reporting and ensuring they are treated properly.

Rhetoricaleffectiveness of comments posted

Someof the comments posted in repose to the article “mishandling rape”show different understanding and internalization of the matter athand. One clear fact thou is that the readers did get the conceptbeing discussed as illustrated by the uses of used ethos, logos andpathos in the comments by College Student and Jim Manis who statesthis is the smartest argument he has heard in his comment of thearticle as illustrated in the screen shot below

Withthis post, Jim makes a critical observation of Jed article showingutilization of logos in form of reasoning and relating cognitively.Thus, the comment shows the reader utilizes logical reasoning in hisunderstanding of article mishandling rape, “rape victims should beassisted, acquitted a lawyer, treated with respect, and mostimportantly, rape incidences should be reported to making sure theyare dealt with to fight future incidences. Jim applies good logos inhis comment as he goes ahead to use quotations from the article, thatis, “if students make a formal complain of rape, the college shouldprovide with a lawyer…” The comment by Jim utilizes Pathos, as isevidence in the rather angered tone he utilizes in the comment, “weshould start demanding that our child behave as adults…” thisshows Jim is angered by the crime and violence in form of rape hiscomments show the emotional effects of the article. Jim response isquite emotional evoking anger, as he gives a vivid description ofpossible actions that should be taken in dealing with rape incidence.The pathos does address the needs of the audience, as what they needis a solution to the prevailing problem identified in the article,thus, the comment to the article successfully utilizes logos andpathos (214 words).

Morerhetorical effects in comments are vivid from the comments posted byCollege Student as they comment utilizing effectively used ethos,logos and pathos.

Thecollege student uses ethos, logos and pathos in the comments ofarticle by Jed as she/he breaks down the historical challenges thathave been affecting people in the college societies. She acknowledgesthere is a problem characterized by those that will label everythingas rape and then there are those who will not acknowledge that thereare such acts in existence, a clear indication of utilization oflogos in the comment. Through the comments appreciation of thecollege student that the article makes sense in a comments, is a useof ethos in the comment. The comment supports the central claim inthe article, the college student deals with the hidden question ofwhat is the effect she/he understands the male student has no say inthe rape a gender. Pathos in the comments are utilized as is evidentin how emotional the college student gets to be, from her/hisargument it show lots of anxiety riding on the issue as it has beenneglected and those that have dealt with it have shown bias. As suchthe comment makes effective use of pathos as is evident in theemotional responses (192 words).

BothJim and the college student utilize pathos in their comment emanatingfrom the suffering of students who continuously suffer from rapeabuse repeatedly again without actions being taken. For instance,Jim’s comments in response to the statement student victims shouldbe provided with lawyers to go with them to the police. Jim reacts toa comment by saying, “this is the smartest recommendation” themood at hand is that of agreement yet depicting desperation offinding a solution to the existing problem. The college student inthe comments cities the reference of the article, that is, “Mr.Rubenfeld has finally offered a level and real solution…” whichis an example of Logos use in the comment. The college studentexpress disappointment on how the matter is handled “unfortunately,the rational group has been left to tow…” not only utilizing thelogos on the basis of internalizing factual data statistics, but alsouses a emotional tone expressing disappointment from the society. Theuse of the tone in the comments is a clear indication that both Jimand the College Student utilize emotions/pathos as well, with themain emotions being evoked being fear, anger, disappointment (194words).


Inconclusion, the comments by Jim and the College Students of thearticle Mishandling Rape, effectively utilizes logos, ethos, andpathos showcasing different understanding and feelings.