Thereare various issues in the health sector in the world of today. Someof them include:

Chronicdiseases and aging population

Thedemand for health care services has been rising of late due to acontinuous increase in the number of people being affected withchronic diseases as well as an aging population (Madjid,2014).The health care system therefore faces a huge burden when the agingpopulation and life expectancies increase. The spread of chronicdiseases is also creating a rise in healthcare demand. Such diseasesinclude stroke, heart diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, cancer,mental illness, and diabetes among others (Sadeghi,2013).These chronic diseases are currently the leading causes of death inthe world and they are also costly to health care systems.

Researchcould be used to combat this issue by trying to find treatments tochronic diseases that affect the elderly. This will help in reducingthe number of deaths arising from aging and chronic diseases(Sadeghi,2013).

Costand quality

Thecost of healthcare has been on the rise in the recent past while thequality has not been matching up with it. For example, according to aCommonwealth survey carried out in 2013 in eleven countries, the USwas found to be the highest spender on health care with $8,508 onevery person annually (Madjid,2014).It means that the country is spending 18% of its GDP specifically onhealthcare. This is caused mainly by wasteful spending, prolongedstays in hospital and healthcare industry consolidation. These highcosts have a direct impact on providers, patients and insurers.Sadly, these high costs have nothing to do with improved qualities.

Researchhas been previously used to try and improve the quality of healthcaresystems. This is by the providers or leaders of the industry findingareas where the cost can be reduced and making the service better.


Theuse of technology is continuously being adopted worldwide byhealthcare systems. The advances in data management and healthtechnologies greatly facilitate new methods of diagnosis andtreatment. This goes hand in hand with increase in costs for healthcare providers and governments. Along with this is also the issue ofdata breach and vulnerability of patient information. Iforganizations lack proper security measures, then they put theirpatients at risk and face damage on their economic status orreputation (Madjid,2014).

Thisis one area where more research is needed as the issues emerging fromit need to be addressed accordingly. If not, then the security ofpatients is jeopardized and the operations of the healthcareorganizations

Inmost cases health care organizations face the same challenges, but itmay also not always be the case. If the organizations are indifferent locations, then they are bound to face differentchallenges. Also, if they are dealing with different health issues,then their challenges will never be the same. One of the implicationsof this to health care professionals is that they always have to keepthemselves updated with issues arising in their organizations andthose they plan to move to (Sadeghi,2013).

Oneof the most important issues that I believe needs to be addressed isthat of managing protected health information (PHI). This has much todo with the electronic data transmitted when a patient releases hisor her information to the healthcare organization. If thisinformation is not secured well, it may fall in the wrong hands andthus the individual becomes exposed to security threats. Theorganization may also risk being sued by patients who are affected oreven risk losing important data from their systems. Researchtherefore needs to be done in order to find out ways that suchinformation may get leaked and ways to prevent that from happening.

Theresearch method that I would use on this issue is the quantitativeresearch technique. I would also collect information using managementinformation systems so as to get the right data needed. In addition,telephone interviews would be appropriate in collecting informationfrom people whose information has landed on the wrong hands aftergiving it to a healthcare organization. The analysis would be madedepending with the data collected, relying more on the feedback fromvictims of data breach.

Iwould use the research data from the above issue to protect mypatients or the organizations that I will work with. My decisionmaking will also always be based on the solutions provided by theresearch that has been done.

Themain insight I have gained during this course is the importance ofhealthcare research. It helps organizations to deal with issuesfacing them and to the professionals it helps in decision making.


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