Topic:Pericles Play

Inthe play by William Shakespeare, the adventure of Pericles begin infaraway land of Antioch, where he shows determination to resolve ariddle presented by the king of Antiochus, and in doing so he winsthe kings daughter’s hand in marriage (ShakespeareAct 1).However, should he Pericles fail, just like the other princes whohave tried and failed before him, he is to be killed. Fortunately forPericles and unfortunately for the king, he unfolds the riddletelling of the dirty secret that the king had committed incest withhis daughter. This discovery endangers young Pericles life and hefrees back to his home of Tyre, where still he is unsettled fearingfor his country is to be attacked by the king of Antioch and hefollows the advice from his friend Hilicanus and he sails off.

Periclesfirst destination when he sails of is Tarsus, a land faced by faminenevertheless, Pericles arrives with lots of food saving the nation.However, before he could stay for long, Pericles is called back toTyre, and he sets sail again, this time he is not so lucky as hisship is swept off in a big storm. He survive the shipwreck andfishermen tell him of King Simonide’s daughter, a lovely girl to bemarried off to the man who takes the jousting contest to be held thenext day, surprisingly, after joining the context, Pericles with theking’s daughter.

Theplay is structured under a family theme, ensuring that Pericles cancreate a family. He loses everyone he loves, and he miraculously isreunited with his wife and daughter after many years of suffering.Thus, it is like Shakespeare is trying to communicate that family isthe most important thing in the world and how important family bondsare as is evident in the life of Pericles.


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