Labor and Delivery Program Case Analysis

Laborand Delivery Program Case Analysis

Laborand Delivery Program Case Analysis

Aftercomprehensive review of the Bright Road Health Care System, Irecommend we do away with labor and delivery program. Currently, manymothers prefer delivering through C-section to normal birth. The costof buying the advanced technology machines is high, and we areoperating on a small budget. Besides, we have a little space in thefacility to accommodate the labor and delivery ward. This impliesthat we would require constructing an additional story to theexisting building, which would cost a lot (Morrison, 2011). Moreover,I think it is advisable to do away with the program because we havetwo not-for-profit established health care organizations offeringlabor and delivery services.

TheChief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) hadproposed that we can take a loan for buying the appliances and thenrepay it gradually, but I believe that would be a bad investmentsince we will be competing with two organizations that can affordproviding the service at a cheaper cost than we can do. Instead, Ipropose we consider allocating the available space for dialysis asonly one health care center focuses on offering the service. Theresources available are not adequate to serve the entire district, somany people are forced to travel over fifty miles to seek the serviceof level five hospital (Morrison, 2011). Others have to book adialysis service several days before their scheduled date because thepatients are more than the available resources.

Ibelieve everybody will support my decision because I have a censusreport from the local branch of the ministry of health. In the lastfive years, we had seven thousand deliveries in within our district.We also have eleven private hospitals, two public and two non-profithealthcare services offering labor and delivery services. A closeanalysis of the production reproduction rate versus the availablelabor facilities indicates that the resources shall be underutilized.In my view, the locals will appreciate a dialysis center more than alabor and delivery service because kidney failure and diabetespatients require undergoing the process occasionally, but theavailable resources are limited (Morrison, 2011).


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