Kantian Ethics Relevance in Healthcare

KantianEthics Relevance in Healthcare

KantianEthics Relevance in Healthcare

Accordingto Immanuel Kant, if a desire to achieve good will motivates anaction, it is naturally moral. He concludes that an action becomesmoral if its inspiration is accomplishing a moral law. However, heemphasizes that personal perspective, cultures, and other biases makepeople uphold different views towards particular issues hence, anaction can only be moral if it can be applied universally withoutcausing contradiction (Sullivan, 1989).

Thephilosophy is relevant in modern medical field as it restrictsmedical professionals from engaging in unethical practices by usingexcuses that their local regulations have not restricted thepractice. For instance, abortion is legal in some states in the USA.This implies that a doctor, who assists a woman to abort, doesviolate local bioethics. However, medical professionals, which useKantian ethics would not assist women to conduct abortions since theaction is universally unacceptable (Sullivan, 1989). Abortion isillegal in some USA jurisdictions and other countries across theworld.

Ifevery healthcare professional can adopt Kantian ethics, medicalservices would become safe, efficient and affordable. For example,unethical physicians make medical services risky as they providehealthcare services in specializations they are inexperienced.Besides, others misdiagnose patients with chronic diseases so thatthey can charge them high treatment costs. If such healthcareprofessionals’ bioethics were influenced by Kantian ethics, medicalcare would be safe and efficient, as they would refrain from treatingpatients suffering from diseases they have no experience to handle(Sullivan, 1989). Besides, they would refrain from exploitingpatients through overcharging medical cost or failing to providetreatment service to the poor because they cannot afford tocompensate them. Many people also spend millions of dollarspurchasing drugs for treating various diseases because themedications are ineffective. Kantian ethics in modern healthcareenvironment can prevent pharmacists from selling inefficient drugs,or treatment solutions that could result in extreme side effects.


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