IT Questions and Answers

ITQuestions and Answers

1. Creative Commons is different from Copyrights in that

  1. Copyrights restrict re-use of a work without explicit permission, while Creative Commons helps promote re-use

2.Which of the following is NOT something that can be specified as partof a Style in Word?

  1. Page orientation

3.Which What-If Analysis tool would be best comparing the expectedrevenue associated with different pricing options along withdifferent advertising budgets if you know:

Whatprices and advertising budgets you might consider

Howyour advertising budget is expected to predict the number of itemsthat will be sold

C.Goal Seek

4.In a protected worksheet, the password needs to be entered by usersin order to

  1. save the workbook

5.When you are planning an animated slide, it is important to considerall of the following EXCEPT

  1. Animation pane

6.Creating a non-linear slide show requires the use of

  1. hyperlinks to external URLs or files

7.What else is needed on your slide if you are using a trigger?


8.If you create a picture link in a presentation, which of thefollowing is NOT important?

C.Use only lower case letters in the file name.

9.You should consider animating bulleted text when

C.You want to introduce ideas in a structured, logical progression

10.In most cases, the number of fonts that should be used in a slidepresentation is


11.Pivot Tables are useful because they

  1. Sort data so you can find the record you are looking for more easily