Introduction to Research for Social Care Number

Introductionto Research for Social Care


Introductionto Research for Social Care

Theaspect of social care has become an essential tool as it entails theprovision of social work, social and personal support as well aspersonal care services to the young and old who are at risk or inneed, as a result of illness, poverty, disability or old age (Charles&amp Alexander, 2014). With reference to the addresses from a socialcare seminar that I attended, there was a highlight for theimportance of research in the essence of improving social carepractice. The topic was delivered by GregO` Reilly, on the Youth Advocacy Programme Ireland (YAP).

of the topic

Thedevelopment of the YAP organisation dates back to 1975, where itworked with youth people all around the country, and it has evolvedto become a giant organisation in the region expanding its wings tocountries such as Australia and Sweden. As I analysed the address byGregO` Reilly, the organization is credited with working with and forpeople with diverse needs as well as the disadvantaged ones, such ashealth issues, poverty, and behavioural problems among the challengesthat may face people. It also supports young people to get to school.Theorganization is based on community development, so it`s aboutbuilding strengths and achievements, abilities belonging to thecommunity, with the development and training of qualified socialworkers, the organization has managed to develop a strategy tostrengthen the disadvantaged families through their various socialprograms, as well as working directly with the affected persons(O`Reilly,2014).

Reflectionson the keynote address topic

Socialwork practices are quite challenging, however, with the developmentof programs such as the case of the organization as discussed by theaddressee, the effectiveness of the social work. It’s clear that,youth advocacy is a framework that has been intimated to work withthe youth, with its principles as well as the outcomes as highlightedby the addressee clearly indicating not only does the program preventjuvenile crimes but it further creates opportunities for the youngpeople and their families as well through addressing life issues. Ihave as well as understood the essence of research towards the socialcare practice as well as improving it. One major benefit is that, ithelps to understand the diverse challenges affecting younger peopleand their families from time to time as well as from one region tothe other (llback et al, 2010). Moreover, research helps the socialcare practice to effectively incorporate technology advances toeffectively deliver the services to those people needs them. Finally,the address has highlighted the importance of an effective program indelivering the services to the youth and their families the YAPprograms, as mentioned in their official website as well haveseconded this.

Relevanceof the information to research in social care

Theinformation provided is greatly relevant to the research in socialstudy one of the major relevant is its impact in the essence to makeyoung people become responsible people in their communities.Moreover, the information highlights the collective development ofyoung people as well as the social workers’ contributions to thewellbeing of the youth live as well as alleviating the numerouschallenges that may face them. On the other hand, the informationprovided, youth empowerment is a key element that the social workersshould always target when working with the youth. The contribution ofthe YAP cannot be undermined as mentioned from the information given.The organization has been on the forefront in fulfilling the socialcare workers dreams of changing people’s lives through positivecontributions (Youth Advocate Programme Ireland, 2015).


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