Interviews- Restaurant Business

Interviews-Restaurant Business


Interviews-Restaurant Business

Ichose an interview with Beth Casey, who is a restaurant manager anddirector. Casey, the owner of Bubba`s Diner in San Anselmo inCalifornia began in the restaurant business as a dishwasher when shewas 15 years of age. From that point forward, Casey has worked in allpositions of the restaurant, from the front to the back, and shegraduated from the California Culinary Academy. I tried to reach herin person for an interview. However, due to her busy schedule Idecided to do an interview over the phone.

Inmy opinion, Casey’s restaurant is successful because she knows howto make her customers feel at home while they are at the restaurant.Moreover, Casey asserts that when she is hiring, she does not lookfor paper qualification such as degrees – honestly, she look forexperience. In addition to, Casey claimed that this is a standardapproach in the industry: Experience is necessary (Lynn &ampEntrepreneur Media, 2012).

Caseyshowed career opportunities in her closing remarks. After inquiringon career opportunities, she pointed out on their plan of increasingthe number of chefs and restaurant supervisors. She argues that aperson should &quotGo for it&quot and he/ she should not be afraid(Lynn &amp Entrepreneur Media, 2012). If a person believes in him /herself, he/ he can do anything. She advised me to dream big.Additionally, she claimed that the more a person connects withpeople, the more exciting their goal becomes.

Theinterview has encouraged me to stick with my long-term goal of owninga restaurant in the future. Casey’s advices were very encouraging,and her very own humble beginnings show that a determined person canmake it. She made me understand that restaurant management experienceonly comes with time. The more a person learns about the restaurant,the more valuable he or she is to him / herself and to any company.The interview has strengthened my perception of my career path, and Iwould love to work in her organization.


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