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Integrity&amp Personality Testing


Integrity&amp Personality Testing

Facedwith more and more competitive business settings, lots of managers oremployers are deploying the employment testing as a method to developand improve their workforces. Employee productivity has become anearlier of concern by the managements in different sectors ororganizations. This has in turn led to the development of measures toensure that only the best employees are employed or promoted to thekey management positions in order to improve the organizations forthe better (Dias, 2012). One of such methods used to choose the bestis Integrityand Personality Tests.In a brief overview, Integrity Tests measures the attitudes andexperiences related to a person’s honesty, dependability,trustworthiness, reliability, and pro-social behavior.&nbspThe keyfocus of the integrity tests is to have the best of the best in termsof the employees (Marcus et al, 2006).

  1. Should employers use integrity and personality tests to make recruiting and promotion decisions?

Yes,I agree with the idea of the employee using the integrity andpersonality tests, when making promotion and recruitments ofemployees. Due to the increased competition for employment vacancies,the tests offer the employer the chance to have the best workforce interms of employee qualities. Additionally, the tests have been knownto reduce organization expenses, as they help identify individualswho are more likely to be absent or engage in any counterproductivebehavior (Marcuset al, 2006).The tests help to identify the best hence organization getting thebest in terms of employee input. Moreover, by the use of theintegrity tests, the employee has the chance to employee employeeswith the specific talent or behavior that might favor theorganization and hence increased productivity (Hart&amp Sheldon, 2007).

  1. Examples of jobs where integrity and personality tests might be more appropriate

Thereare different job occupations where integrity test may be of greatuse. These include occupations that re highly demanding onceparticipation. One of such occupations that integrityand personality tests may be appropriate is Project Manager. As aproject manager, one is required to execute numerous and differentduties on a daily basis (Hart&amp Sheldon, 2007).A project manager is supposed to develop schedules, manage otherworkers, time and cost manager, team leader, quality controller amongother duties. In order to achieve the best, an organization may go anemployee who scores highest in the personality and integrity test forsuch demanding positions. Other job vacancies that the tests may bemore appropriate, include police officer, head of departments,clinical officer, and psychologist, among others (Dias, 2012).

  1. Integrity and personality tests trend in the next five years

Inthe next five years, more and more companies will be expected to usemore of the integrity and personality test. This is because, theemployee productivity as well as organizational performance will beat stake, and in turn, organizations will be looking for the best inorder to have the best in terms of business and employee performance(Marcus et al, 2006). Despite the controversy behind the use ofintegrity and personality test, there is an expected increase intheir use over the next five years. This is partly being contributedby an increase in the number of qualified personnel, and hence thetest may be used as a recruitment tool.


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