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Self-Analysis: Communication Skills

Communication entails the act of transferringinformation by verbal messages, written statement or non verbal signssuch as body language. Communication is an important aspect in day today life of an individual. One cannot stay without communicating ascommunication in required for basic survival, work, as well associalization. Communication is not only inherent in human beings,but also in animals for the same reasons. Having adequate andeffective communication skills can make a difference. Itdifferentiates leaders from followers and is the source of success inmost life endeavors. In this essay, I will reflect on three areas ofcommunication skills that I posses including interpersonal skills,small group communication and public speaking skills. The undertakingof communication in this course will be useful in this self analysis.

First, interpersonal communication is importantto a person as it helps one express their needs, emotions andattitudes towards people or things. Interpersonal communication canbe explained as the exchange of information between two or moreindividuals. Personally, I have well developed interpersonalcommunication abilities. I am able to communicate very well in termsof spoken language, am very fluent when speaking. For example, when Iwant to tell someone I do not like what they are suggesting, I gostraight to the point, use simple but clear words to say it, like‘No’. This makes it easy for me to deliver my message withoutraising doubts or being ambiguous. I am also able to look peoplestraight in their eyes when I am speaking to them which make themable to understand my attitude and the message in a better way. Forexample, when I am thanking someone for their courteous actionstowards me, I look them in the eyes so that they can see mygenuineness in my appreciation. This is good body language. The eyescommunicate a lot. They show our emotions, attitude or feeling evenbefore we say it in words.

My weaknesses in interpersonal communicationinclude my inability to conceal emotions. For example, when amdevastated, I always transfer my devastation to people when Icommunicate to them. This influences their judgment towards me as anindividual which may influence future communication. In addition, Ihave a problem with listening to other people. For example, I findmyself interrupting others when I think what they are saying is notthe right thing. This breaks the conversation.

I have resolved to use the knowledge gained inthis course to improve on the above weaknesses. I plan to improve mylistening skills by exercising self-discipline. For example, I shouldrespect other people’s opinion, hence should wait for them tofinish before I can make a comment. Regarding my inability to concealemotions when communicating, I plan to detach my emotions whencommunicating, lest I would make people miss the point. I realizethough that, emotions are part of body language, but to some extentcan act as an obstacle to effective communication especially when notdirected to the right people.

Small Group Communication is simplyinterpersonal communication between more than three people and amaximum of twenty people. I have the ability to initiate talks whenin a group. For example, when there is tension, I always have thecourage to say something to thaw the ice. Besides, I am loud andeloquent when communicating in small groups. For example, I do nothave to repeat myself every now and then when communicating.

My major weakness when communicating in smallgroups is my inability to let others speak. I always like dominatingand playing an active role at the expense of others. For example Ibarely let two people speak consecutively before I interrupt withcomments or questions. Also am not able to take notes especiallywhen it is in a discussion group, which makes me miss importantpoints. This is largely due to inattention.

To improve on these weaknesses, I have resolvedto be patient with other people. I will be giving them my ears asthey give me theirs. To improve my writing skills to be able to takeimportant points during a group discussion, I will have to learn tocategorize information into themes and more importantly beingattentive to the speakers.

Public speaking is making of a speech orpresentation in public. With my desire to dominate duringcommunication, public speaking is something that I really admire. Mymain strong points in public speaking include the ability to remainfocused to the topic of the day. When I pick to speak aboutsomething, I know how to keep within the borders of the subject. Inaddition, I have a very strong sense of humor when speaking inpublic. This helps me in keeping my audience hang on to my speech tothe last word. For example, I may use analogy of a different subjectto drive my message. Lastly, I have good body language techniquesthat help in delivering a speech. For example, I use body signs topunctuate my words. This makes it easy for my audience to tell whenam emphasizing or expecting their participation.

However, I also have my weaknesses when itcomes to public speech. One major weakness is the inability toorganize ideas in a logical manner. I have a tendency of jumping toone point, before finishing on the other, and later revising theprevious point. In addition, I lack the ability to engage myaudience. In places where am supposed to include the audience, I findmyself overriding. Lastly I do not know how to keep within the timelimit of a speech and often find myself being cut shot to allow otherspeakers.

To address these weaknesses, first I haveresolved to prepare before a speech and make points or themes. Toovercome my inability to engage the audience, I will have to practicehow to ask rhetoric questions during a speech, which will help engagethe audience. Finally, to remain within the time constrains, I needto practice on a speech before presenting. In addition, having pointswritten down guide in delivering the speech within time limits.

Conclusively, my communication abilities haveimproved, thanks to this course. Before my interpersonalcommunication, small group communication and public speaking skillswere undiscovered. This course has enabled me identify my strengths,weaknesses and the way to improve on these weaknesses.