Linuxis used proportionately because of the prevalence of Windows productsin the market. New product brands like Office, Peachtree andQuickBooks are all associated to windows. The overall installation ofLinux is different from that of windows. Generally Linux does notencompass the virus scan issues that windows tend to have. One thingthat is likely to boost the use of Linux in the globe today is due tothe need of cost reduction, as compared to windows Linux is an opensource operating system, this means there are no monthlysubscriptions to be made (Gewirtz &amp Gewirtz, 2014).

Oneof the most significant roles of cloud computing is data backupapplication. This has helped many people who are now able to accesstheir data from an online database whenever there is data loss. Italso offers accessibility to the data in any location in the worldlong as one is connected to the internet. Cloud computing has broughtabout a reduction in fees in data management. However, it lacks ondrawbacks which include bandwidth charges due to unnecessary trafficand security related issues (, 2014). Verymany companies in the market have reported breach of their securityproblems due to the rising cyber related crimes in the world, due tothis rise in criminal activities cloud computing stands vulnerable

Informationsystems are very important in our company this is because they offeran ideal platform for data entry, access, manipulation and storage.This data is further analyzed to ensure effective decision makingwithin organizations. The positivity of information systems includesprovision of critical information in regard to sales, profits andpayroll information. However, information systems also have negativeattributes that include intense training and huge costs associated topurchase the equipment’s needed (Gewirtz &amp Gewirtz, 2014). Theorganization is not fully reliant on information systems since itadopts other approaches when need be these include POS and registers.

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