Indulgences, Faith, and Works

Indulgences,Faith, and Works

Question 1

An indulgencedenotes a lessening before God of the sequential retribution owing tosins that have had their guilt forgiven. Protestants reject thepractice of indulgences as it does not make sense to the suffering ofJesus during the cross as well as it bears a negative connection tothe canon of purgatory. In fact, Protestants assert that concerningthe validation of faith alone, people’s suffering should not affecttheir fate when they die nor should works and prayers of the livingaffect such fate. In addition, Protestants reject the notion ofindulgences, as they do not see the role of the church in admittingindulgences. Protestants especially Protestant theorists maintainthat the moment of death consummate or complete sanctification thus,the rejection of indulgences. Butler argue that Biblical referencessuch as Luke 23:43 maintain that there exists a brief transitionbetween death and paradise1.In this regards, the granting of indulgences according to Protestantscancel the indefinite period in purgatory.

Question 2

Validation isthe permissible affirmation by God upon the sinner wherein a personis validated by faith i.e. one’s faith makes a person right beforeGod in Christ hence, people’s works do not have any effect ontheir salvation. Most scholars argue that people’s good deedscannot offer them salvation, as they are filthy bits before God(Isaiah 64:6) in fact, if people’s works could give themsalvation, then uprightness would have been founded on the law2.In addition, Bible references according to Butler presents faith asthe alone mechanism of redemption apart from deeds or works (SeeRomans 3:28 and 4:4)3.In this regards, people’s works cannot save them as sins havecorrupted such works but Jesus offered God’s work to people thus,by having faith in God’s works can only people be forgiven theirsins.


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