Individual in Society


Individualin Society

Individualin Society

Socialscience is a branch of science that studies societies and therelationships among individuals in the society. This branch ofscience also deals studies human behavior in different situations orscenarios (Economicand Social Research Council, 2015).From this definition it would be impossible to describe a societywithout identifying or recognizing the existence of the individualswho make up the society. In other words, it would be difficult toexplain the rate of unemployment rate in a country without delvinginto individual participation in a country’s economy for instance.Better yet, the rising cases of ecological disasters that are on therise in our world today could not be explained without factoringindividual effort. For example, global warming which refers to thestate of the depletion of the ozone layer as a result of humanactivities can be directly linked to the carbon footprint.

Carbonfootprint is termed as the amount of greenhouse gas which is releasedin the atmosphere due to human activity (Carbonfootprint calculator, 2015).For example, any activity which involves burning of fossil fuels suchas petro among others ultimately contributes to global warming. Thecarbon footprint can be increased by other individual humanactivities such as the use of aerosol sprays which deplete theearth’s ozone layer. In fact, there is a formula for calculating anindividual’s carbon footprint so that one can have an idea of howmuch they contribute towards global warming. The metric includes thedistance travelled by bus or personal car, the amount of energy usedin operating electrical appliances and so forth. The total of carbonfootprint activities is then expressed in terms of kilograms ofcarbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere. Like a wise man once saidin order to change the world, e first need to change ourselves. Ibelieve that every individual has to play their part in order tosolve the world problems. This is because every individual effortmatters and we cannot be successful in solving global problems whilethe minorities are doing the right thing, but the majority are doingthe wrong activities. In order to achieve change the every individualmember in the society needs to have a positive input in theireveryday lives.

Asthe saying goes two heads are better than one, that is how I wouldsummarize the efforts of a whole society putting their effortstogether as opposed to doing things in their individual capacity. Asearlier cited the failure of the society to curb global problems canto a large extent attributed to the role of individualism in thesociety. While it is no doubt that individuals who do have a right ofchoice as to how to conduct their human activities this hasunfortunately increased the amount of global disasters in our presentworld. The absence of a common driven purpose has resulted toselfishness as well as lack of commitment towards utilitarianism inthe society. Instead, it is every man for himself and God for us all. This is unacceptable scenario as it affects the whole society. Forexample, emission of carbon is an issue which has been around formany years now. Industrialized countries for instance are responsiblefor emitting the largest amount of carbon dioxide in the atmospherehowever, all the countries around the world experience the effects ofglobal warming. The U.S for example only has 5% of the world’spopulation but is responsible for emitting 25% of the world’sgreen-house gases. Developed countries have always been againstestablishing guidelines on carbon gas emissions until recently whenthe carbon credit framework was established (Stillman,2008).

Thisframework aims to reward countries keen on reducing carbon dioxidegas emission and therefore this proves that common purpose is alwaysbetter than private pursuit. This is because at the end of the day,we all affected by the consequences of our individual actions.Therefore, it is always imperative to advocate for a public spiritedfocus or a global focus in this case.

Awise man once said that life is a balance between holding on andletting go (Urban,2015).I believe that, while there needs to be a collective sense ofpurpose, a strong conviction among the individuals is equallyimportant. Going back to our first essay question, each individual inthe society matters as there would be no society without individuals.In other words, we need to first focus on the individual because heor she is the individual most important part of the society before weembark on working on a collective sense of responsibility in thesociety. In other words, we need to change our own self before we canchange the world. Therefore, the society needs to maintain a balancebetween the individual and the society because one cannot existwithout the other. The two parties play their own roles in their owndifferent ways.


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