Inclusion and Diversity at PepsiCo and Northrop Grumman

Inclusionand Diversity at PepsiCo and Northrop Grumman

Inclusionand Diversity at PepsiCo and Northrop Grumman

Inclusionand diversity are two critical and highly debated issues in thecontemporary world. This is because companies operating in the moderneconomic and business environment face the significant challengesassociated with globalization and business internationalization.Companies that appreciate diversities recruit employees of differentgender, culture, religion, sexual orientation, abilities,nationality, and age (Royal Bank of Canada, 2014). Companies thatvalue inclusion focuses on the needs of all people with the objectiveof helping them achieve their respective potential. This paper willfocus on inclusion and integration in PepsiCo and Northrop Grummancompanies with a focus on their impact on these organizations.


ThePepsiCo’s management decided to adopt the concepts of inclusion andintegration following the need to enhance its understanding of itsdiverse client base. As a result, PepsiCo has focused on thediversity of its suppliers and increasing the number of women workingwith the company. This is has been achieved with the help of the Tier2 program. The company implements this program by requesting itssuppliers to incorporate more diverse suppliers in their own businessdealings that they have with PepsiCo (PepsiCo, 2014).

PepsiCohas two major strategies for the success of its inclusion anddiversity plans. First, PepsiCo accelerates the rate of inclusion ofwomen into the management teams through its customized programs.Through these programs women are coached and guided to help themachieve their career milestones (PepsiCo, 2014). Secondly, PepsiCohas initiated programs that respect the culture of the localcommunities in order to help the minority members of thosecommunities achieve their career goals. For example, the companyemployed 25 women in Saudi Arabia and provided them with theenvironment that respects their culture (PepsiCo, 2014). Theinclusion and diversity strategies have increased the acceptance ofPepsiCo in different regions and by different communities. This hascontributed towards its success in the global market.


NorthropGrumman has several initiatives designed to recognize the diversity,support the suppliers’ efforts to adopt diversity in theiroperations, and advance its partnership with the local community.Some of these initiatives include employee resource groups, women’sconference, heritage events, supplier diversity, and operation IMPACT(Northrop, 2014). These initiatives help Northrop to recruitemployees from diverse groups and help them climb their careerladder. Through these initiatives and the follow-up programs,Northrop has been able to sustain a smooth workflow in spite of itsdiverse workforce.

Thesuccess of Northrop in including a diverse workforce derives fromthree major factors. First, the company provides the diverseworkforce with numerous opportunities to interact with each other.For example, Northrop has a program referred to as the Women’sConference through which women come together and exchange ideas thatare useful for their professional progress (Northrop, 2014).Secondly, Northrop celebrates any little achievement made by itsworkforce in embracing diversity through its Heritage Events program.This acts as a motivation for the company to proceed with itsinclusion and diversity programs. These programs have benefited thecompany by increasing its reputation as an all inclusive firm thatappreciates all members of the society.

Inconclusion, inclusion and diversity are two concepts that modernfirms will find it difficult to succeed without. Inclusion anddiversities allow the company to give an equal or a fair chance forall members of the society to be included its workforce. In addition,these concepts help the company in supporting the minority groups inits workforce in achieving their career goals.


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