Impact of Attending University with Diverse Student Population Number

Impactof Attending University with Diverse Student Population


Impactof Attending University with Diverse Student Population

Theeducation system has different education levels. I have this dream ofattending university and I can’t wait for my chance to attend oneafter my college education. There has been a dramatic transformationin the composition of the student population in America’suniversities, over the past generation. This transformation has seendifferent students from different background attending the universitytogether. This diversity in student population has both merits anddemerits for me in terms of the college experience.

Asa student, student diversity expands worldliness, experience. Inother words, it does look like an opening into the entire worldwithout necessarily having to travel to the different parts of theworld. This is due to the fact different students from differentcultural background would educate on the cultural practices, beliefsand taboos from their region, hence giving me a preview of what toexpect for any given group of students.

Studentdiversity in the university enhances social development, hencehelping one expand ones social circle. Additionally, as a student,attending a university with a diverse population prepares one forfuture career success. This due to the fact that it gives onequalities to work in any part of the globe as it prepares me as astudent to work in any global society with less problems. Moreover,diverse student community increases my knowledge base, promotescreative thinking as well as enhancing self awareness. Studentdiversity in the university also enrichesthe multiple perspectives&nbspdevelopedby a liberal arts education. This experience makes one to be acomplete person as it sheds light into other peoples’ practices,cultural identity, history and in turn forming a good base toaccommodate each other despite the difference in the background.

Inconclusion, diversity in the student population within a universityis an advantageous experience for the students as the experiencepromotes peace coexistence between people from different backgrounds.Moreover, it allows one to have an experience of what other parts ofthe world are made of in terms of development, cultural practices,among other aspects, and in turn creating unity among students. As astudent it would be a positive achievement in school, and henceshould be encouraged.