I Am Pessimistic about Climate Change


I Am Pessimistic about ClimateChange

I Am Pessimistic about ClimateChange

Have you felt that thetemperature in our world is getting higher? Have you noticed that theair is not as fresh as before? Have you noticed that disasters arefrequently happening today than before? I remember when I was achild, the sky in my hometown, Nanjing, was so blue, and I always sawa firefly outside my window at night. However, the air is so thickand the sky is gray now. I have not seen any firefly at night in myhometown for the last few years. It is a hope in futility for one toexpect a fresh air and blue sky in the contemporary world. This isbecause our world is suffering from climate change. Some people thinkclimate change can be prevented by new technology or the other ways.However, I am so pessimistic about climate change because the rapidincrease in human population and the rate of consumption areinevitable factors that are contributing towards climate change.Besides, the “throw away” lifestyle is deeply ingrained in us,and it is hard to change. Furthermore, it is too late to stop climatechange because the climate is changing more rapidly than thereparation that people are making.

Climate change is among the mostserious problems in the world now. The major causes of climate changeinclude the emission of the carbon dioxide from the factories andcars into the atmosphere. These gases are trapped in the atmosphere,causing an increase in temperature. The presence of large amounts ofgreenhouse gases in the atmosphere coupled with an increase in thelevel of temperature results in global warming. Climate change hasresulted in the melting of ice as well as snow, a rise in sea levels,heat waves, drought, and floods. These extreme weather conditionscause the ecosystem to suffer severe damage.

In my opinion, an increase in thesize of the population and human consumption has a significantimpacts climate. In the past, the Chinese people had a few cars, butthere are millions more cars and people in China today (Mayell,2004). This article was published ten years ago, so the situation ismore serious now. The increase in the number of people has increasedthe demand for the use of cars, which have in turn elevated theamount of carbon dioxide emission. Moreover, an increase in thenumber of people has resulted in over-consumption of resources. Manypeople are relying on material good to achieve happiness in theworld. About 1.7 billion people belong to the “consumer class”(Mayell, 2004). The number of people in “consumer class” now ismuch higher than 2004. This implies that more people are relying onthe processed food, seek for material goods (such as bigger housesand cars), and have high levels of debt.

As the technology and economydevelopment, people have better living standard than before. However,many people are over-consuming goods and buying things that are notnecessary. For example, many international students like buyingluxurious cars or high-emission cars in the U.S. I think thesestudents are over-consuming and do not have environmental awarenessbecause high-emission cars will increase the amount of carbon dioxidegas emitted into the atmosphere. It is a very normal phenomenon intoday’s society to find so many people who want better cars andbigger houses, and they think the perfect lifestyle is just likethat. It is a chain of actions that increase the number of people,while over-consumption results in an increase in the number of carson the street, and the levels of carbon dioxide emission.

Another cause of my pessimismabout climate change is the “throwaway” lifestyle, which isdeeply ingrained in our lives, and it is hard to change. The reportin the article “As Consumerism Spreads, Earth Suffers, Study Says”says that some people like using plastic goods and change theirmobile devices quite often. I have seen many people who take plasticbottles in their hands. It is easy to buy a plastic bottle of waterin the shop. Many people like it because it is convenient to carryand throw away. At times, people forget to bring reusable bags to themarket, so they have to buy disposable bags. In addition, in today’ssociety, smart phones, iPads, computers are becoming a breath oflife. Different brands of mobile devices provide people with a wideselection base. Mobile devices are quickly updated, so people changetheir phones frequently. It is a shame to think that I cannot leavewithout my smart phone, and I change my phone quickly. I know my oldphone is not broken, but I cannot hold myself to buy a new phone.High technology brings human more fun and convenience but also keepattracting people consume more. In my opinion, the “throw away”habit has been an ongoing lifestyle in our world. Many people in theworld are enjoying the benefit and convenience that the “throwaway” brings to us. So human consumption is hard to change, and ithas been deeply ingrained into our mind.

Moreover, climate change isgetting worse quickly, and people are too late to stop it. Also, itis hard to limit climate change because it has affected many places.Although many countries are taking action to encourage the use cleanenergy and develop new technologies to stop climate change, it is sohard to make efforts because climate change is a challenge that hasbeen going on for a long time. For example, China has taken manyactions to control the air pollution in Beijing by limiting thenumber of vehicles on the streets every day, planting more trees inthe city, encouraging the use more clean energies in industries.However, the air pollution in Beijing is still a serious problem. Thegovernment cannot control climate change easily and quickly, and itis getting worse so fast.

According to the article “ClimateChange Threat Is ‘Higher than Ever,’ warn World’s TopScientists,” even if actions are taken now, global warming willhave increased significantly by the end of the 21st century thanbefore. People have been over-using natural resources for a longtime, so it is hard to fix the problem in the short-term.Furthermore, there are many places that are suffering from climatechange now. According to the video “The Cost of Carbon,” Hunanprovince in China experienced a drought this year, and people don’thave the income to support their lives. Indian people have sufferedfrom a big flood that resulted in the loss of lives.

The sea water level is higherthan before in Bangladesh and people have to abandon their home andmove to safer places. These are some of the outcomes of climatechange. Even though we don not live in these places, we can stillfeel our cities are getting warmer than before, and the air is not sofresh. For example, the temperature in my hometown Nanjing is gettinghigher in summer than a few years ago. It has become too hot for meto go outside, and I have to stay at home or indoors during the wholesummer. It is a sign that the entire world is facing seriouschallenges associated with the climate change.

In conclusion, I am pessimisticabout climate changes. The increase in the population size and humanconsumption are the major reasons for the climate change. Moreover,the “throw away” lifestyle is deeply ingrained into in our minds,to the extent that it has become hard to change this behavior. Inaddition, it is too late to control climate change since it isgetting out of hand so quickly, and the stakeholders are too late totake preventive measures. However, we still have hope as long as westop the over-consumption and abandon the “throw away” lifestyle.