Human Sexuality





Sexualorientation is a pattern of romantic or sexual attraction towards aperson of opposite sex or gender, same sex or gender or even both.The various sexual orientationsincludehomosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality or even straight.Homosexuality refers to a situation whereby a male species issexually attracted to another male species, while lesbianism is asituation whereby a female species is attracted to another femalespecies. On the other side, bisexual is a situation whereby a speciesis attracted to both the same sex or gender and different sex toowhere as straight implies that a species is attracted to a species ofopposite sex or gender (Seehafer, 1989). Discussed are thevarious sexual orientations, factors leading to these sexualorientations and different accounts by different people for thedevelopment of these varying sexual orientations.

Thereare however different factors that lead to these different sexualorientations. What causes lesbianism? As discussed earlier lesbianismrefer to sexual attraction of a female species towards another femalespecies. Most ladies develop into being lesbians willingly whereasothers are forced into being lesbians by other factors such asheartbreaks. A lady might indulge herself into lesbianism due tonormal sexual feelings towards another lady. In other instances,ladies might have been heart broken in their former relationshipsthus being forced to other forms of love. Other instances such aspeer influence may lead to lesbianism (Caprio, 1954). A lady might beinfluenced by other ladies of the same age that men are wild. When alady keeps that in her mind, dating a man would turn out to betotally different story. Homosexuality, a situation whereby mendevelop sexual feelings towards other men is a condemned activity bymost nations. What makes men get attracted to other men sexually? Itmight be a question that runs in every right being’s mind. Howeverthere are some factors that contribute to homosexuality. First andforemost, it is the demanding nature of women. Some women are toodemanding financially thus making it hard for men to date them. Somemen are not well off financially thus deciding to date fellow menwhom they would quench their sexual thirst and also help each otherfinancially (Thomas &amp Levin, 1999).

Somemen are also too mean to treat ladies on dates thus considering themtoo demanding. The demanding nature of women plays a vital role incontributing to homosexuality. The fact that some nations allowhomosexuality encourages men to men relationships. However, in placeswhere homosexuality is a taboo, people would never indulge into suchactivities for the fear of being punished and more so being disownedin their families (Thomas &amp Levin, 1999).

Straight,a situation where a lady or a man is attracted strictly to a personof opposite sex is common with many people in our today society. Whatleads to this sexual orientation? First and foremost, many people arebelievers of Christ and believed that God created a man and a womanto be his helpers and assist him multiply (Rivera, 1991). Therefore,people think that engaging into other sexual orientations can makethem sin since they would be doing against the will of God. Secondlymen and women enter into a love agreement for companion and bringingup a family together (Clausen &amp Duberman, 1997). It is howeverknown that same sex people cannot give birth and for them to have afamily they have to adopt a kid. Being straight is also adopted fromparents (Blank, 2012). Kids who are born from a straight couple growup to emulate their parents and when they mature up they also want tostart a family of their own. Knowledge acquired by students takingreligious studies helps them to be straight. Students are taught inschools that lesbianism is evil and any other form of sexualorientation apart from being straight. Therefore the knowledgeacquired contributes to adopting the sexual orientation to bestraight (O`Connor &amp Ryan 2003).

Bisexual,is a sex orientation where a male or a female has sexual feelingstowards people of same sex and different sex at the same time. Thereare however several factors that contribute to this sexualorientations. First and foremost, a lady might develop sexual feelingtoward a lady but later realized that she would want to have her ownkids. She will be forced to date a man and it would be hard for herto leave the lady whom they dated initially hence being forced to bein a bisexual relationships. The scenario is most common to ladiesunlike in men whereby a lady might dump a man when she realized thatthat same man has sexual affairs with other men (West, 1968).

Fromthe above discussion, there is however a difference in development ofthese sexual orientations for males and females. To start with, malesdevelop into homosexuality due to most commonly financial mattersunlike a lady who enters into a relationship for companion and moreso love. There are other instances where women are also influenced bymaterial such as money to fall into love (Acred, 2012). Ladies havein mind that fellow ladies most of them are not wealthy and if theyare wealthy, the wealth is either inherited form a man but inwhatever way there has to be a man linked with the possession of thatwealth. Therefore, ladies will be forced to date men in order tobenefit financially and acquire richness Badgett, &amp Frank, 2007).It is however sad that in our modern society, ladies hook up with mennot caring whether those men have families. It is howeverunderstandable on the issue of lesbianism than gays. It is taken tobe normal for a lady to have sexual feeling towards other ladiessince they will indulge into activities such as only kissing orcaressing (Burr, 1996). However gays are high discouraged since itstill leaves subject for discussion of how another man can penetrateanother man’s boot. It is actually considered as violating thetemple of the lord. In modern days, when a girl and a fellow girlkiss in public, it is taken to be normal. However when a man and aman kiss in public, stories will hit every social media and the actcondemned by most people (Geer, Heiman, &amp Leitenberg, 1984). Itis however evident when the president of the United States of Americapleaded with presidents from other countries on the need to legalizehomosexuality. The message was however received bitterly by citizensof the specific countries and the President of the United States,Barrack Obama was heavily mocked by people. The act was a clearindication that most people are against homosexuality (Daynes, 1992).

Thereare however different accounts by different people for thedevelopment of varying sexual orientation. An evolutionarypsychologist might conclude that people should expect all these formsof sexual of orientations and many more big things. He would back hispoint by stressing that in the holy books, during the prophesies ofend times, such occurrence were mentioned. The psychiatrists wouldtherefore conclude that when such occurrence are evident, it is aprophesy fulfillment that the end times are nearing. An evolutionarybiologist would however conclude that the development of these sexualorientations implies that the mind of a human being is developing anddiscovering new things. The fact that that a man’s brain isdeveloping, there is possibilities of attempting to do new things(West, 1968). According to biologists, it is normal for every humanbeing to have a likeness to anything that impresses him or her. Thereit should not be considered abnormal when a man develops sexualfeelings towards a fellow man or a lady developing sexual feelingtowards another lady. However people should accept every occurrencein the society since according evolutionarists when a man evolves,new ideas are discovered (Serwatka, 2010).

Aresearch conducted on sexual orientation on other animals show thatsame characteristics are observed as those in human beings thoughafter a very deep study. For example, when a certain men species aregrouped together, such as bulls, with time they would try and humpone another due to the urge of satisfying their sexual feelings. Itis therefore clear that sexual orientation such as homosexuality is anormal occurrence to every living creature. The issue of bestialityis how even hitting our social Medias at an alarming rate. It isshocking how a lady might decide to commit sexual intercourse with adog. On similar occasions, it is also beyond human understanding howan upright man can decide to lie with an animal in the name ofquenching his sexual thirst. As seen, it is a mutual agreementbetween the two parties to commit this act because for a dog to laywith a lady it has to be erect. Therefore it is clear that sexualorientation is an evolving act not only in human being but also inanimals too. Another example is a scenario whereby a cock decides tochase another cock around a compound to mate. It is therefore clearthat these forms of sexual orientation should not be condemned sincethey are natural occurrence to every living creature (Ojeda, 2004).

Anexample of a scientific evident explaining the development of diversesexual orientations is when some people are born. Some male kids areborn with too much genes of a female. These kids when they grow up,they develop funny traits and start liking people of same sex. Thefact that these boys resemble a lady, other people of similar sexwould decide to love him. When they love them back, a strong lovebong is formed and the two satisfies their sexual need together. Itis therefore evident that it might depend with how the chromosomescombine to form a person’s genes. There are ladies who are bornwith men characteristics are normally referred to as tom-boys. Otherladies will develop a likeness habit towards these ladies and theladies with men characteristics would be tempted to fall in love thusleading to lesbianism where the lady who resembles a man play themale role during their sexual intercourse. More ever, science hasproven beyond doubts that the development of these sexualorientations is a normal occurrence. The fact that a person’sprivate part can be substituted for another’s part of opposite sexis a clear indication that feelings can be transformed. It ispossible for a man who has been loving ladies to be changed and lovemen instead. When a male private part is transplanted and substitutedwith a female private part, the man would be transformed frominitially loving ladies to now loving men so as to fulfill the new“lady’s’’ sexual desires. Therefore from the knowledgeacquired from science is a true indication that it is normal for theoccurrence of these sexual orientations.

Thereare however various factors that explain the persistence of certainsexual orientations. First and foremost, being straight is essentialfor a couple who are ready to produces. In order for a female speciesto give birth or hatch eggs in case of birds, it has to look for amale species to mate with. This is however supported scentifi9callysince for fertilization to take place, there has to be the fusion ofthe male and female gametes in order to produce offspring. When malespecies are kept together for a certain period of time, they wouldtry to hump one another in order to quench their sexual thirst. It ishowever clear those different sexual orientations occur depending onthe situation of a species.

Insummary, people should not condemn their colleagues who are engagedin a certain sexual orientation. People should live their own lives.They should understand what is accepted and what is not allowed intheir respective societies.


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