How to Be Successful

Howto Be Successful

Iagree entirely agree with Shame’s ideas about success. In fact,some people fail to be successful because they have set their goals’limit depending on the standards of forerunners. As a result, somepeople underscore their capability if the models had set lower goals.On the other hand, some people seem unsuccessful because they setextremely high ambitions with intention of outsmarting the models. Inmy view, I agree with Shame’s assertion that ambitious peopleshould set high goals because even if they fail to accomplish theambitions entirely, they can still be proud for almost attainingtheir desires (Shames, 1986).

Forinstance, if a student aims at graduating with first-class honors atuniversity level, but he scores a second upper-class honor, he isstill successful although he did not achieve his original ambition.In addition, I also agree with his ideology that people should lookfor success in professions that only few people have ventured. Shamerecommends that humans should choose careers that take the least cashor effort to accomplish. In my opinion, I think choosing a simplecareer or target is convenient as one can accomplish his or her goalsquickly. Besides, professions such as law, engineering and businessadministration that require individuals to invest large amounts ofmoney and time in education confines the individuals in a givenprofession for many years (Shames, 1986).

Inmy view, success is anything that a person can do comfortably, and itbenefits the entire society. In addition, the activity should makethe doer happy. If a vision harms other people or does not make thedoer contented, it is unsuccessful. However, I would still consider aperson successful if he does work that benefit the society and makeshim happy, even if the individual does not acquire monetary benefitfrom the action. For example, a person who manages to pool resourcesfrom philanthropists to construct a non-profit healthcareorganization for helping the poor is a successful hero even if he orshe does not acquire monetary benefit from the foundation. On thecontrary, I would consider an extremist who manages to massacrepeople a failure because his actions does not benefit the society.


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