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HumanResource Management (HRM) has become one of the key practices inpractice in different organizations whether small or big. Thisfunction within organizations is designed to maximize employeeperformance. The focus of HR is how people are managed withinorganizations. This paper is an overviewof the Hewlett-Packard Company(HP) as well as justificationfor HP enterprise.


Hewlett-PackardCompany is an American information technology, businessentity/corporation with its headquarters located in PaloAlto, California, UnitedStates. The company has made its name in the technology sectorthrough production of software, and hardware’ as well as servicesto its customers worldwide. The company is recognized as a servicesand software provider. HP offers a varying range of producttechnology, services, and the software’s across its customersacross the globe. The company’s principal products include personalcomputers, imaging and printing devices, enterprise IT infrastructuresolutions as well as other services such as technology maintenanceand support. Other services offered by HP worth mentioning includeoutsourcing, consulting, and integration services (Malone,2007).

Hewlett-PackardCompany has expanded its business operations beyond the United Statesinto other countries. Currently, the company has operations acrossnot less than 170 countries, around the world. Since its inception,the company has had its focus on strengthening as well as expandingits product portfolio through new inventions and launches(Hewlett-PackardCompany Palo Alto, 2008)..

Historyof Hewlett-Packard Company

Hewlett-PackardCompany become to be known publicly in the year 1957, wasincorporated in August 1947, however, the co-founders established itin 1939. These were BillHewlettand&nbspDavePackard, who were both graduates from Stanford University withelectrical engineering degree. Since its humble beginning, thecompany has seen tremendous growth to become one of the giants in thetechnology industry. From its beginning in Palo Alto garage, to itscurrent state, as one of the leading companies, HP has undergoneevolution as well as grown significantly (Malone,2007).HP Company has grown to a business giant globally, and together withits affiliate, business has provided technologies, solutions,software’s, and services among other products. The company has alarge customer base ranging from individual consumers, largeenterprises, private and public companies, health, and educationsectors, as well as small and medium sized business commonly known asSMBs (Hewlett-PackardCompany Palo Alto, 2008)..

Inorder for the company to fully function and offer the best ofproducts and services to its large customer base throughout theworld, the company is divided into segments which deal with differentproducts or services. These segments are under one roof, and workstowards the key objectives and goals of the company. The differentsegments within the company include:

PersonalSystems Group. This sector within HP is responsible inthe provision of personal and commercial computers, calculators,workstations among other related accessories/ products and servicesas well to the consumer globally (Malone,2007). Another majorsector within the company is the services center orsegment. This entails services offered by the company, whichincludes consultancy, outsourcing, as well as technology services.The services are offered through different platforms such asinfrastructure, business domains, or applications. Services arefurther differentiated into other units, which are technologyservices, application, business process, and finally infrastructuretechnology (Hewlett-Packard Company, 2012).

Anotherkey sector within the HP Company is the Imaging and PrintingGroup. This provides the consumers with printers, media, andscanning devices. The imaging sector has been one of the sectors thathave helped the company made its name worldwide. Other key sectorswithin HP company include Enterprise Servers, Storage, andNetworking, HP Software, HP Financial Services, Corporate Investments(Hewlett-Packard Company Palo Alto, 2008).

Justificationof Hewlett-PackardEnterprise

Thecompany has maintained innovations hence becoming an industry leaderin the technology industry this is in reference to the SWOT analysishighlighted earlier. Additionally, the company has embarked on thefull support of projects as well as supporting them financially,hence supporting new innovations. The company has justified itsoperations as one of the giants in the industry through research anddevelopment, financial support and innovative culture. These aspectsare essential to the company’s survival. The company has as welljustifies their status through management of their debt, which hasenabled the company to finance its projects and innovations(improving the quality of financing).

.Hewlett-Packard Company has been in operation since its foundationand the company has gone through up and down over time. However,despite hard times, Hewlett-Packard Company has managed to outperformtheir competitors in the market and in turn becoming a highperformer. With the diversity in terms of products and services theyoffer, the company has managed to pull customers from differentsides, needs and capacity under one roof (the Hewlett-PackardCompany). In reference to the HP,forming a comprehensive sustainability program, one that is held tothe same precise standards of responsibility and productivity as itsother business initiatives is a determined and ongoing challengewithin the company (Malone,2007).

Someof the features that justify high performing businesses include theability to effectively balance future opportunities and currentneeds, which the HP Company has managed to achieve. Another featureis the ability to consistently outperform the competitors in revenuegrowth, profitability as well total return to its shareholders.Finally, the ability to sustain superiority across different times,and business cycle as well as leadership and business disruptions.With reference to the company, sustainability, efficiency, andprofitability go hand in hand.

Differentaspects have been used to justify the performance of the HP Companyglobally. One of the key points is the ability of the company to winnew business while at the same time retaining the existing businessand customer base. With the company’s expanding to more and widerparts globally, the reputation continues to grow. HP’ssustainability strategy has helped the company gain new distribution,for example, the European market. Additionally, the company hascontinued to enter into new markets as well as pursuing jointventures, turning it to be a force to reckon with (Malone,2007).

Thecompanies has as well used the human resource variables such asdevelopment and training, performance management so as to bringtogether all its employees who are made of diverse culturalbackground, as well as different personality traits in order to workefficiently towards the attainment of the organizational goals andobjectives. HP,a giant in IT industry catering to the hardware as well as softwareneeds of the individual customers and businesses, was started in theyear 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard.

Thecompany’s, leadership and management team has justified thecompanies ideal slogan ‘make it better’ through its achievementin operations and business activities. The achievement of themanagement team has justified the magnificent name, of the companyglobally (Malone,2007).The company has also maintained the famous referred “The HP Way”which was developed by the company founders. This was a direct set ofcompany objectives as well as a business style, which has defined thecompany, thorough participative management style, supporting anddemanding, individual freedom and initiative while emphasizingcommonness of purpose and teamwork.


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