Health Care Delivery Systems

HealthCare Delivery Systems


HealthCare Delivery Systems

Corporatizationis developing small enterprises or government assets to bigbusinesses under corporate control. Corporatization of health care ischanging health care to one big business. This happens when bigcorporations’ starts to own chains of health care facilities. Thisalso translates to hospitals using corporate ideologies andprinciples to manage their activities.

Doctorshave transformed to be healthcare providers and the patients referredto as consumers of health services. The effect of this has becometurning hospitals into business premises and medicine to anenterprise service serving the corporate interest (Shi &amp Singh,2010). It all started with non-profit health cares to governmenthospitals to private and now for profit healthcare facilities. Thesefacilities dictate the medical market by owning about 80 percent ofthe market share. These facilities then integrate from being a singleorganization to being a large corporation that offers many healthcare services and therefore having a stronger control and ownershipof healthcare.

Tocurb the problem physician mal-distribution and imbalance systemslike shortages of doctors, medical school have been built in theareas with shortages. In addition, more nurses were trained to add tothe health workforce. A number of policies also have been put inplace. These systems include targeted programs for areas withshortages, regulation of medical professions and change incompensation plans (Shi &amp Singh, 2010).

Fora better balance to be achieved, efforts are needed to improve thedistribution of specialists and primary care physicians. Medicalstudents need to be trained with values skill and attitude to serveeffectively as physical caregivers. Programs that focus on the poorneed to be put in place and concentrate on the area with shortages. Areferral system that is more rational and quick to respond to mattersof frequency and severity to the needs of the public needs to bedeveloped.


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