Happiness is Controllable


Happinessis Controllable

Happinessis Controllable

Accordingto Whisenand(2011), people can control happiness as a controllable emotion. Inagreement with the Whisenand, happiness is a choice that a personmakes by understanding the circumstances that he or she faces. To behappy, I determine the things that bring happiness and practice them.I work to be in control of the things that I internalize and thethings that I should not internalize. One thing that makes happinesscontrollable is the ability to control these determinants of happymoments.

Inthe quest for happiness, I spend every moment knowing that I can makedecisions in regard to being happy or not. While there are severalcircumstances and factors that challenge my decision in whatever Ido, I always make sure that I am conscious of the situation.Therefore, to change my set point of happiness, I distinguish thedeterminants of happiness in every situation. In addition, I try tocontrol my emotions. According to Seligman (2002), happiness is astate of being that is characterized more by emotions than justcontentment.

Tobe a happy worker, the most primary thing to do is to love and enjoymy job. This will translate into the appreciation that I will giveevery task and activity at the workplace. According to Seligman(2002), happiness is something that people can learn by cultivatingthe behavior that improves life. Therefore, I will embrace learningso as to share the moments that bring happiness in the workplace.Moreover, I will associate with other employees as well, so as tocreate cordial relationships and enjoy the working environment.Through the personal and social activities, I will practice theconcept of being happy by choice as argued by the author.


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