Everylanguage is built up by grammar, vocabulary, and phonology. Based onthe compare and contrast will discuss the importance of grammar,accuracy, efficacy, negative attitude to grammar error correction notforgetting grammar instruction and priority of communication.

Formallystudying grammar for efficacy is essential for mastering a secondlanguage. Efficacy is the ability to produce a desired or intendedresult ( Students are awarded low scores because theyspeak well without having particular grammar. When writing a secondlanguage keeping grammar rules in mind by knowing a lot about ithelps in reading. Knowing more vocabulary while reading helps inknowing more grammar and it earns one more scores. Studying thegrammar, one’s language improves fast when one study grammar and bymemorizing words which is crucial than understanding the grammar ofthat language. Studying grammar rules helps in learning a secondlanguage. Without the grammar knowledge sentences meanings are stillunderstood but to improve the reading ability one has to increasegrammar knowledge (What`s the Purpose of Studying , 2014).

Correctionof errors by a teacher when speaking a second language helps one inremembering the mistakes and correcting them later. Learning correctgrammar rules in class is necessary and important when teachercorrects mistakes because they are remembered right away. Group workhelps students in learning and practicing grammar rules. Though it isnot good for one to be corrected it is very helpful as mistakes madeare remembered and it is a great opportunity to learn correct grammarrules. Writing is the best way to learn grammar as one can have astronger sense about grammar rules together with teacher’scorrection(English 101: All You Need to Know, 2014).

rules are a part of language’s basic structure and there is nocomplete sentence without grammar though one can communicate in asecond language without the knowledge of the grammar rules.Communicating in real life situations is very helpful for student tolearn grammar efficiently than the practice of grammar rules. rules are one of the basic structures for language and to be a goodlearner one should know those rules. In addition to grammar rules,students need to have vocabularies in plenty. rules knowledgeis important as well as vocabularies because they help incommunication in a second language (A for Reading andWriting, 2014).

Accuratelyuse of grammar when communicating in a second language earns onerespect. Making mistakes when communicating in a second language isnot a major problem of conversation because even native speakers domake mistakes too. One feels tricked when they submit written work toa teacher and it is not adjusted but when it is amended and mistakesnoted it is extremely useful to enhance grammar skills. When a secondlanguage is written with errors, it confuses the other readers and itshows lack of basic knowledge (English 101: All You Need toKnow, 2014).

Explanationof grammar rules by a teacher refreshes memory and corrects mistakesinstantly. This can be done when conversing and mistakes noted byteacher then explained. More formal grammar study in second languagestudy deepens language level and makes learning of specific grammarrules very helpful. and reading comprehension have a directrelationship because students learn to employ sentences that are morecomplicated. Understanding of better grammar entails efficacy,negative attitude to error amendment, communication urgency,accuracy, instructions, and importance of grammar. knowledgehelps students in reading and understanding what they read and howsentences work.


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