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Thispaper gives an in-depth analysis of air pressure and winds. Airpressure is the force exerted by the weight of air above the surface.Scientists use a mercury or aneroid barometer to measure airpressure. A mercury barometer measures the height of the mercurycolumn in a vertical glass tube. When air pressure changes, theheight level of the mercury column also changes. For instance, theheight of mercury in a glass tube reduces when pressure drops andrises when it increases. To the other hand, an aneroid barometer usesa coil to measure pressure. The coil bends inward when pressure risesand bends out when pressure falls. The average air pressure at sealevel is about 14.7 per square inch.

Answersto Chapter Six Part One

Tostart with, air pressure is not uniform it can either be low orhigh. The movement of air from high pressure to low-pressure is whatbrings about winds. The cloud patterns associated with low-pressuresystems moves in a counterclockwise direction in the northernhemisphere. The first cloud model is located in the north hemispherebecause wind is moving to the center of the sphere. Tropical cyclonesare easily identified by the direction of the wind. They typicallyoccur in a low-pressure system. The figure below illustrates theformation of the sea breeze.

Theimpact of the Coriolis force is an apparent refraction of the path ofan object that moves within a rotating coordinate system. Additionally, the object does diverge away from its original path,but it seems to do so since the motion is in coordinate system. TheCoriolis force will act on the moving object towards the eastdirection.

Answersto Chapter Six Part Two

Moreover,the gradient winds cannot be maintained by a balance of pressuregradient and coriolis forces because gradient winds moves in astraight line to isobars from high to low pressure with minimalfriction. Additionally, the wind blows faster than super geostrophicspeed. The direction of wind is influenced by gradient pressure,Coriolis force and resistance. Speed of winds in Lake Michigan maychange depending on the gradient pressure difference .The higher thepressure differences, the faster the winds flows to balance thevariations. Areas of high and low pressure are instigated byascending and descending air. When air warms, it rises resulting tolow pressure at the surface. When air cools, it descends leading tohigh pressure at the surface.

Inaddition, at the service pressure gradient exerted in a horizontal orvertical pressure gradient. The horizontal pressure gradient is steepcharacterized by strong winds.

Forthose living in the northern hemisphere the probable wind directionis anti-clockwise. In fact, the zones are characterized by dense airdescending back to the service. Since the wind moves from areas ofhigh pressure to low pressure forming a spiral outward way. But dueto Coriolis Effect wind will be deflected to clockwise direction. The sketch below shows a cross section of a low pressure showing theinward surface flow.

Airdirection moving inwards

Tointerpret the results of barometric pressure measurement, we shallconsider the timeline of barometer readings. A high-pressure systemis an area where the atmospheric pressure is greater than that of thesurrounding. For instance, on the first day pressure is very highresulting in low winds and cold air. Because of this, clouds and rainare not formed. On the second day, pressure level dropped slightlyforming normal clouds and precipitation. Conversely, the third dayindicates low-pressure system. Pressure is low when the atmosphericpressure is lower than that of the surrounding. Low atmosphericpressure is associated with warm air, atmospheric lifting and highwinds. Because of this, lower atmospheric pressure usually producesprecipitation, clouds and generally bad weather for example tropicalstorms and cyclones. Moreover, areas subjected to low pressure doneither experience extreme seasonal temperature nor extreme day andnight temperatures. Toerect wind turbine to generate electricity individuals shouldconsider areas with strong gradient force because the higher thegradient force, the greater the speed of wind. Similarly, whendesigning an airport the plane should take off to the movingdirection of wind to reduce the opposing force from wind. Again,watching a TV on a rainy day is challenging because wind interfereswith the speed of waves.

Answersto Chapter Seven

Acool breeze is originating from Lake Michigan. Foehn type of wind.Crosswind.(1.) polar cell,(2).Ferrell cell, (3) Hadley cell, (4)equatorial low , (5)subtropical high ,(6).polar high (7).polar front

Answersto Chapter Eight

Thewinter maritime polar is colder because the air is almost atsaturation point. Notenough moisture and instability. Continental arctic because offreezing temperatures and very little moisture. Stable because oflow-pressure. Unstable because wind is moving at high speed.

Answersto Chapter Nine and Ten

Windsspeeds are high when the slope of the pressure curve is steepestbecause the isobars determining the pressure system are weak or flat.Even though, hurricanes are dangerous in nature, they still haveeconomic benefits for example land falling storms can be good sourceof water in times of drought. Besides the storms can help to buildand maintain barrier beaches. Strong winds destroyed viewing of thephotos. In case you hear a cyclone is approaching, one should seekshelter to avoid risks associated with cyclone. Areas aligned to thesouthern hemisphere are likely to experience dry thunderstormsbecause the winds speed is low.

Answersto Chapter Eleven

Sinkingair warms, yet thunderstorm downdrafts are usually cold becausethunderstorms occurs as a result of atmosphere occursin a very short period of time so there is no time for thesurrounding warm air to heat the descending air and also, they drop with a great force bringing down all the rain drops and ice particleswith it. Once again, whereas the hurricanes can be monitored andreported, the intensity of a tornado is no determined and reporteduntil after the storm passes because they are unpredictable.