From Garden to table by Letty Russell


FromGarden to table by Letty Russell



Thefeminist liberation theology led to the developed a situation thatwas an accepted practice. It encouraged women to stand for theirrights and hence the importance for liberation from genderdiscrimination. The feminist theology refers to an approach thathelps uphold the theological doctrine whereby, the experiences ofwomen whether positive or negative plays an important role in shapingthe Christian theology. The feminist theology started in the NorthAmerica and Europe whereby the situations of other women outsidethese regions were not considered. However, today, there is a globalcommitment to recognize that feminism has greater implications. LettyRussell is one of the feminist theologians and the first womanordained to serve as a pastor of the Presbyterian Church. Sherealized that oppression occurs in various forms and places such asthe church, economic, social and political spheres. She argued thatthe feminist liberation theology demonstrates for the acceptance ofequality of all in the society.

LettyRussell uses the metaphor from Garden to table in retrieving women`shistory experience and their faith. She uses the metaphor because itexpresses their faith in every experience they come across. Inaddition, the table is used to show how women activities are eachday. Letty says that the garden analogy shows how women`s sphere islimited by household duties. The garden walls do not allow them toexperience the outside world and the curse in the Bible on thecreation story that “He shall rule over you” has strengthened asexual politics of domination. Letty demonstrates that feminism iswomen`s liberation movement for community change and hence the needto acknowledge the muddied history of women and pay respect to them.

Thefeminist liberation theology remains an important theology ofliberation in all the situations where women are oppressed. It helpsanalyze their experiences and fight for liberation. Lettydemonstrates for the freedom of women and gender equality. Men andwomen should equally participate in discovering the ministry of JesusChrist and meaning of life. Letty says that the feminist theologydeveloped due to women`s experience and rejection of the societystructure where men rule over women. Women will be recognized as truehumans when the patriarchy ends.