Failureis described as an act of missing to achieve what one desired.Failure should be viewed as a part of the process and not as aresult. The following are evident from the speech delivered by J.KRowling at Harvard. First is that failure is a remedy for fear. Ithelps people overcome fear and pursue their desires. Secondly,failure helps people to realize the facts. Failure shows people thetrue things that happen or the actual reality (Kelly, 2012). Thirdly,failure is the motivator to forge ahead.

Failurecan be used by people to fight fear. It is because most people fearto fail. Once a person has failed once or twice they won’t fearfailing again but instead soldier on with their intentions or quest(Kelly, 2012). She says in her speech that at some point whengraduating she had an imbalance between the ambition that she hadfound herself and what those closest to had expected. For exampleduring my fifth grade in school, I was almost at the bottom of ourclass during the end year examinations. My worst fears had beenconfirmed because all along I had hoped not to be at the bottom butan average student. The following year I finished amongst the toppositions because I had overcome the fear of failing and instead gotthe urge to succeed.

Failuremakes people see the reality and actual things. People always live inan imaginative state until that point when they realize that theyhave failed or succeeded. She urges that despite education or gifteverybody must have gone through hardships or heartbreak. She claimsthat those at Harvard are driven by fear to fail rather than urge forsuccess. She gave an example when reality dawned on her seven yearsafter her graduation(Gary, 2014). She had a lot of failures becauseher marriage had come to an end she had no job and was poor. Laterit came to her knowledge that it was a reality that her life was notwell and had to change for the best. Failure reveals to people thesituations they are and gives them the urge to strive and savethemselves (Kelly, 2012).

Failureis considered as a motivation to people to improve from the statethey were and avoided the shortfalls they have experienced. She talksabout of a young man she had to escort to the underground trainstation. He had been tortured in his African country and was mentallyill. He was shaking while giving his revelations at Amnestyinternational (, 2014). For example, when I inhigh school I used to play for our class football team. I triedjoining the school team but for two years consecutively I was turneddown by the coach. I got motivated and purchased a ball of my own othat I could practice during weekends. That year after the interclass tournament I was called to join the school team.

Rowlingmeans that the people who live life alone and do not care aboutmatters that do not touch them experience more troubles than her.Willfully unimaginative people refuse to know suffering. Rowling doesnot envy them because they are full of fear than her. They fearfailing of which will bring suffering. I think these kinds of peopleare the worst type of friends a person can have. They may not helpwhen in trouble. They are also irresponsible because they escape fromtroubles.

Inconclusion, failure is capable of assisting in many differentsituations. People should not view failure negatively. Most peoplewho have succeeded in life had failed at one point. Failure in shortdrives away fear it tells the truth and also motivates people(, 2014). Once a person has failed they will beable to know who their true relatives or friends because nobody willstand by a person who is bound to fail or has failed.


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