Formal Outline and References

FormalOutline and References

FormalOutline and References

  1. Introduction and Thesis: Regulation of Tobacco Advertising

  1. Introduction main points

Before1996, the tobacco products regulations were controlled together withstate and congressional regulations. Therefore, states wereresponsible for the sale of tobacco products, promotion, labelling,and advertising. In addition, the state was responsible for issuinglicence to the manufacturers and distributers. Since 1950, all statesprohibited sale of tobacco products to the minors. In 1996, FDA cameup with FDA rule and declared its authority over tobacco and itsproducts. In addition, it issued a rule to prevent and reducechildren’s usage of tobacco. This paper discuses the history of FDAregulations and its effects on tobacco manufacturing companies. Inaddition, the paper discusses the FDA advertising Regulation onlabelling, advertising, and promotion, as well as the importance andimpact of these regulations.

  1. Thesis- In essence, FDA regulation has offered many positive impacts on the human being and environment such as protecting human health and reducing tobacco intake among the youth.

  1. FDA Advertising Regulations

  1. overview

  2. Federal Regulation of tobacco advertising

  3. Federal Cigarette Labelling and Advertising Act

  4. Importance of FDA Advertising Regulations

  5. Impact of the FDA Advertising Regulations

  1. FDA labelling Regulations

  1. Overview

  2. Importance of the regulations

  3. Tobacco product labelling

  1. WARNING: Cigarettes are addictive

  2. WARNING: Cigarette cause cancer

  3. WARNING: Quit smoking now to reduce serious risk to your health

  4. WARNING: Smoking during pregnancy harm your baby

  1. Impact of FDA labelling Regulations

  1. FDA promotion Regulations

  1. Overview

  2. Impact of promoting tobacco products

  3. Impact of FDA promotion regulation to tobacco industries

  1. Conclusion

  1. Conclusion of the main points

  2. Final thoughts


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