Final Thoughts/Issues Facing HRM Today

FinalThoughts/Issues Facing HRM Today


FinalThoughts/Issues Facing HRM Today

Abusiness or an organization depends on resources to enableproductivity and profitability of its endeavors. The optimization ofthese resources allows the company to maximize its productivity,which leads to higher profits and hence greater commercial success.These are:

  1. Physical resources, example, materials, equipment, and buildings

  2. Financial resources, and

  3. Human resource that are the employees

TheHuman Resource Management (HRM) is a department focused on maximizingthe productivity of a firm by optimizing the human resource. In this,it is the organ responsible for making decisions pertaining theemployees in an organization. It also acts as a tool for maximizationutilization of the human resource and its development while observinggovernment regulations (Guest &amp Wright, 2012). TheHRM has obligations to plan, implement, and evaluate human resourcedecisions for the attainment of the organization objectives. In this,it comes up with policies and regulations to enhance the humanresource (Holland, 2015). This policies and regulations help theemployee to fit the organizational objective and fuse the employeesgoals to those if the organization. For better management of thehuman resource, the HRM is involved in the acquisition/recruiting,development, maintenance and compensation of employees. In this, itensures that employees are well motivated through the workflow, jobdesign, and managerial control of activities in the organization. Inthe development of workers, the HRM engages in training activities.These activities help the employees to perform their duties inaccordance with the organization’s goal and objectives (Burke &ampCooper, 2005). In conclusion, the HRM faces severalchallenges the major one being recruiting highly ethical individualswho are highly motivated in the performance of their duties. This areindividuals have an inherent desire in pushing the organizationforward and not as a platform for just a better job. In addition, theHR finds it sensitive to deal with problems involving individuals inmanagerial positions. Since this will affect the whole structure ofthe organization (Guest &amp Wright, 2012).


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