Final Exam Essay Section


FinalExam Essay Section


Laborunions are usually preferred due to the benefits that they accrue.One of their benefits is that they boost productivity. In an attemptto increase the productivity, there is a need for positive elementssuch as lessening employees’ turnover, contentment of employees, adhigh wages. Labor unions help in providing such positive elements,which boost productivity. Another benefit of labor unions is thatthey lessen the employees’ attrition. Through the assistance oflabor unions, most employees accomplish having a good workingenvironment, wages, and the right to work. It is most likely that therate of employees’ attrition will decline when they feel happy intheir work. Labor unions are also critical in ensuring that there isequality in compensation among men and women. Where there are laborunions, women and men will have their rights protected and have equalcompensation based on the responsibility that they perform. Besides,another benefit of labor unions is that they help employees inreceiving high wages easily through collective bargaining. This isdue to the reasoning that employees can present their demands throughcollective bargaining, which helps in realizing their rightsincluding the right to receiving good pay.

Onthe other hand, labor unions also have some disadvantages. One of thedisadvantages of labor unions is that they are sometimesunproductive. Labor unions are sometimes unproductive becauseemployees may engage in strikes that hurt the economic activities ofthe firm that they work for. Labor unions give employees the right toshow their disillusionments through strikes, which may end up causingmore ham to an organization. Another disadvantage of labor unions isthat they are expensive. The fees charged to an employee, whenjoining labor unions are exceedingly high. Furthermore, employeesmust continue paying fees to the labor unions as long as they aremembers. In addition, labor unions have a disadvantage in that thereis difficulty in an employee gaining promotions. Since there arevarious opposition parties in the labor unions, employees are likelyto experience problems in promotions or there may be no promotions. Ithink labor unions are necessary because they tend to fight for therights of employees. Sometimes employers may discriminate against theemployees through paying low wages or through poor workingconditions. However, through labor unions, the rights of employeescan be protected. Therefore, I feel that labor unions are necessaryin order to protect the rights of employees.


Asa manager, one should not take the position in preventing unions.Labor unions act as a mediator between employees and employers. Sincethe employer seek to have the best employees that are motivated, itis critical to ensure that the rights of employees are protectedbecause it is through protecting their rights that they becomemotivated to work. As a manager, it is good to let employees havetheir rights protected by labor unions. Sometimes, it may bedifficult for an employer to know whether his/her employees arefacing a certain problem, which they need to be protected against. Insuch a scenario, labor unions may be used by employees in presentingtheir grievances. This makes it necessary for employees to join laborunions and it is their right to seek protection in labor unions. Iwould tell managers that believe labor unions should not be avoidedat all costs to let employees that feel to join labor unions do so.They should not restrict employees from joining labor unions sincethey have the right of joining labor unions in order to have theirrights protected. The strategy that I can have towards labor unionsis to allow employees to have the right of choosing whether to joinlabor unions or not. Employees should feel free to join or dismisslabor unions.


Employeesshould have their rights protected as such, employees that feel thatthey need a labor union in order to have their grievances solvedthrough unions should be given the opportunity of joining laborunions. As a future manager, I can focus on the negatives that makelabor unions thrive and try to resolve these negative issues so thatI eliminate the need for a labor union. However, in case employeesfeel that they need a labor union, there is no need of preventingthem from joining the union. The management style that I intend touse in order to make labor unions unnecessary entails the formationof teams, where effective communication is fostered. Through usingthis style, there will be no need of a labor union because anyproblem affecting employees will become resolved within time. This isbecause through the teams, team leaders can be in a position topresent problems facing their groups. This will ensure that theproblems facing employees become known to the management within time,and the management will have time to resolve problems facingemployees. Whenever problems facing employees become solved withinlittle time, there can be no need of having labor unions.