Expectation after Doctorate

When perusing a doctorate course, one has certain goals andaspirations to acquire once complete, which are the driving force topursuit of the course. Some of my personal goals include finding awell-paying job, adding on to the present research, giving back tothe community, and enhancing personal knowledge. These goals createpersonal and society satisfaction. Doctorate studies equip learnerswith expertise in the specified field among other professionalexperiences (Hobinet al. 2014 pp. 50). My doctorate course will give me achance to master my profession and expand my ability to deliverquality work in my professional.

The current rise in the cost of living requires individuals to liveabove a ten dollars a day. Given that, it is important to have astable income that meets all living costs, investments and savings.The current job market in my professional field requires a high levelof professionalism to take up good positions. Again, having studiedthrough the structural education line with good grades deserves agood job. Thereafter, I hope to add on to the current research intoemerging issues in my field. Research expounds on the alreadyavailable material in studies and points out room for furtherresearch and innovation.

Doctorate level of knowledge comes with a high intellectual level ofthought. Attaining my doctorate will allow me to have a critical eyewhen analyzing ideas and not just issues relative to my specialty,but also general discussions. Current society requires intellectualand critical analysts to solve social issues. Society helped raise meand aim to give back service to the community. Therefore, bydelivering the two I play an important role of giving back to thesociety as a diligent professional and citizen.


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