Cloninghas brought about a huge debate in the recent times. Cloning is theprocess of making a genetic duplicate of something that alreadyexists. Cloning has been a highly controversial subject because ofthe kind of technology and science it attracts. There are two maintypes of cloning the reproductive cloning and the therapeuticcloning (Bbc.co.uk, 2014). The two procedures are governed bydifferent laws as they are used by different purposes.

Reproductivecloning is normally performed with the main intention of creation ofanother exact organism. Under this category is the cloning of plants,animals and human. Therapeutic cloning on the other hand is thatcloning which is performed not to produce a new organism but toharvest embryonic stem cells for medical treatment. Embryonic stemcells refer to those cells found inside of developing embryo thesecells can be used to produce cells that include tissue, muscle andorgan cells (Bbc.co.uk, 2014).

Thetwo forms of cloning have been effectively used to enhance medicaltreatment in the society. However, reproductive cloning has beenmajorly used for research purposes, however, there is a probabilityof the approach providing health solutions in the future it can dothis by producing drug producing organism that may offer betterapproach in coming up with treatments to certain diseases in thesociety (Pregnancy-Info.net, 2014).

Therapeuticcloning is mainly intended for medical use only, the embryonic stemcells that this type of cloning produces can be used to create skinfor burn victims, organs for transplant patients or cells for thosewith spinal cord injuries. Since the cells originate from the patientonly there is no chance for rejections leading to better health careprovision (Pregnancy-Info.net, 2014). Therapeutic cloning may alsocorrelate a solution to those suffering from heart diseases,Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.


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