Ethics Discussion Questions


An Ethical Problem Facing Not-for-Profit Company PBS Network

Not-for profit companies are mainly faced by numerous ethicalissues. PBS Network is one of the organizations that have been facedby a number of ethical problems which require the organization tostand firm and hold onto its principles. It is evident that theorganization does not make profits and therefore collects fund fromdonors. One of the greatest ethical problems facing the organizationis whether it should accept money from the government and foundationwith strong political inclinations (Ward, 2014). Secondly, theorganization is faced with the ethical issue of the independence ofthe journalists. More often than not, the journalist are influencedby the funders who may want to have the stories published to favorthem

There are various solutions to these problems. To start with, theorganization needs to develop strict rules with regard to theindependence of the journalists. It is also essential to develop andfollow a code of ethics for the not-for profit organizations whichwould be used to determine the way forward in such ethical dilemmas(Kent, 2014). The best solution for the problem of whether to acceptfunds from foundations and the government is to have strict rules andregulations that are known to the funders before they give out theirfunds (Ward, 2014). The rules and regulations should strictly assertthat by offering to fund the operations of the organization, thefunder has no authority to influence the content of what the networkairs. A journalism code of conduct would be efficient for the secondproblem. Journalists should be made aware of what is expected of themand the need for balanced and fair reporting and or editing.

An Ethical Problem Facing For-Profit Company Fox Network

Fox network has been at the center controversies associated withethical issues at the network. The Fox Network has been accused bynumerous journalists, academicians and politicians of its bias inreporting and political inclination. Research has indicated that theNews Channel is openly inclined towards the republicans politically(Croft, 2012). The Fox Network advocates for the agendas of theRepublican Party. For instance, one of the employees at Fox Network,James Pinkerton, was paid by the republican candidate, MicheleBachmann to write her book while he was still commenting on thepresidential campaigns. James informed the superiors at Fox Networkwho told him to keep it a secret to the public. However, Fox Networkhas continuously refuted these claims and continues to assert that isbalanced and fair. Another ethical issue at the network is thebranding of the Muslims as terrorists and criminals. The network’stelevision shows and programs have been a platform for propaganda andstereotyping of the Muslims (Croft, 2012). Many people including thepolitical leaders have accused the network for its role inIslamophobia in the United States. The attitude of the CEO towardsthe Muslims has found their way into the entire network’s employeesand guests.

The Fox network needs to develop a code of ethics that will advocatefor fairness and balance in their reporting. The code of ethics wouldalso ensure that the network does not incline to any politicaldivide. It is also essential for the government to control thecontent of the news channel at Fox Network to avoid the aspect ofstereotyping the Muslims (Benen, 2011). The first solution can beimplemented to stop the political inclination of the network and alsoto avoid the influence from the politicians. The solution isapplicable and effective since other networks have such codes ofethics. Secondly, government intervention to stop stereotyping of theIslam religion will be extremely effective. This is the best solutionsince the government will exert pressure on the management to changetheir reporting with regard to the Islam religion.


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