Efficacy of Skills in Future Endeavors


Efficacyof Skills in Future Endeavors

Efficacyof Skills in Future Endeavors

Theefficacy of any course or lesson is primarily determined by thecapacity of individuals to apply the skills so imparted into reallife situations or even future academic endeavors. This is the casefor the English literature course that I have been pursuing thissemester.

Oneof the major skills acquired in this case is critical thinking, whichprimarily revolves around making clear and well-reasoned judgmentspertaining to a particular text or even information gained in one’sprofessional life. It underlines the capacity to think in a rationaland clear manner, as well as engage in autonomous and reflectivethinking (Poplawski&ampAllen, 2009).Critical thinking would be quite useful in the future professionaland academic environments particularly with regard to thecomprehension of the logical connections between ideas, as well as inthe detection of inconsistencies and mistakes that a particular pathof reasoning incorporates (Poplawski&ampAllen, 2009).In addition, it would come in handy in the detection, constructionand evaluation of arguments, as well as systematic solving ofproblems and identification of the importance and relevance of ideasthat may one may come across in his professional and academicjourney.

Further,this course imparted in me writing, researching and communicationskills. Needless to say, future academic endeavors are bound toincorporate or involve quite an immense amount of writing andresearching not only in the English course but also in other courses(Poplawski&ampAllen, 2009).With the knowledge and skills gained from this course, I willundoubtedly be in a position to determine the most appropriatesources of information, as well as compose appropriate researchpapers that can be understood by the lecturers and professionalcolleagues.

Inpreparing and improving one’s writing career, it is imperative thatone engages in voracious reading and becomes an active writer ratherthan a passive one. This would ensure persistent honing of one’swriting skills.


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