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Oneof the major and important federal law enforcement agencies is theEEOC, which is widely referred to as theEqual Employment Opportunity Commission.The agency is credited with different and numerous functions withinthe employment and the working conditions and relations between theemployee and the employer fighting almost all forms ofdiscriminations in employment. Through its website, the companyexplains its major functions as well as offering a wide range ofinformation as well as materials regarding the commission’shistory, actions, and programs among other key aspects regardingEEOC. Through its newsroom, the agency publishes recent and pastreleases of cases involving different discriminations of theemployee. This paper looks into the EEOC press release dated 1stJanuary 2015, the “KaufmanChildren’s Centre Sued by EEOC for Disability Discrimination”(U. S. Equal Employment opportunity Commission, 2015).

Newsitem about this lawsuit

Thementioned case was in the news through numerous and different newshouses, websites, and even blogs within and outside the Detroitstate, in the United States. The article published by the “Joe’HR and benefits news Blog”the ‘EEOC:Children’s Center Violated ADA in Not Accommodating Employee withheart&nbspCondition’.According to the news article, employers are somewhat reverting toold practices, as one employer finds itself in corrosion route withthe EEOC agency. The reason for the two to collide is because theemployer has refused an employee to return to work after a medicalleave, but instead, the employer fires the employee. However, thearticle quotes the case as it’s released by the EEOC agency (JoeLustig, 2015).

Thelawsuit and its ramifications (consequences) for the organizationThecase (“KaufmanChildren’s Centre Sued by EEOC for Disability Discrimination”)is the latest to be a concern for the agency. The lawsuit involves anemployee, who was barred from the returning to his position at work,after her medical leave, and this was after she came back to workdisabled, a condition she was not in before taking the leave. Theissue is about disability discrimination towards an employee. Themajor case is initiated when Kaufman children’s center, violatedone of the federal law when they terminated an employee, based ondisability he sustained when returning from a medical leave absence.With reference to the filed lawsuit, the affected children`s centerdenied the affected employee to return to work due to absence fromwork because of cardiac condition she had suffered. Instead of makingthe relevant adjustment to accommodate the employee, the children’s,center fired her, from her duties. In reference to the EEOC agency,the employee was fired due to her disability (U. S. Equal Employmentopportunity Commission, 2015).Functionsof the EEOCEEOCis an agency that was created by the civil rights act of 1964, insummary, the major and the most essential function is to interpret aswell as enforce federal laws that are meant to control or prohibitvarious discriminations in workplaces. The agency is the key unitthat is mandated with interpreting and enforcing majority, but notall of the federal laws that are put in place to prohibit employmentdiscrimination. Other functions of the agency include issuing ofregulations that interprets the law, as well as issuing enforcementguidance on specific issues. Moreover, the agency is responsible forupholding federal employee rights. Finally, the agency is responsiblefor charge processing. This is whereby the agency takes employees,discrimination complaints and files legal lawsuit to follow up thecases, and in turn may choose to dismiss the charges, investigate,mediate or the agency may choose to litigate the charge on behalf ofthe employee (U. S. Equal Employment opportunity Commission, 2015).TheEEOC’s Role in This LawsuitWiththe reference to the above-mentioned lawsuit, the EEOC role isessential for the employees affected, as well as upholding theagency’s functions in fighting discrimination against the affectedemployee. According to the EEOC agency, the employee (Kaufmanchildren`s center), violated the American with disabilities Act (theADA), and acting on behalf of the employee, the agency filed suit vs.the Kaufman children’s centre. The agency acts like the governmenteye, in fighting discrimination cases against employees by theemployer. With reference to the lawsuit, the main role of the agencyis to fight for the rights of the employee. Moreover, the agencylooks to recover monetary compensation for the affected employee,including all her damages such as punitive and emotional damagescaused to her after being fired by the employer. Finally, the agencyis fighting to enforce the country’s federal laws that fights orprohibits employment discrimination (U.S. Equal Employment opportunity Commission, 2015).

Doesthe Lawsuit Promote Social Change?

Oneof the major functions of the law amongst people is to make effectivechanges such as the social change. Social change refers to thealteration made over time in behavior patterns as well as culturalnorms. The enactment of the discrimination Act in the United Stateswas meant to change the social aspects of how disabled people aretreated in the society and hence bringing a long change. Theformation and the functions of the EEOC agency is meant to bring ashift away from an employee any form of discrimination, which is achange agent in the society. With reference to the lawsuit, yes, itpromotes social change. This is due to the fact that, the case isshifting the societies or the employer’s treatment of the disabledemployees (U.S. Equal Employment opportunity Commission, 2015).

EEOCpress release vs. the news item

Comparingthe press release from the agency and the news item, there is no muchdifference. However, the news item acts like a complain to theemployees who are reverting to the old tactics of discriminatingemployees on disability basis. The news item summarizes the casebetween the children’s center and the EEOC agency. With thereference to the press release by the agency, the item highlights thecase details, what the employer has violated and in turn a lawsuit isfiled fighting for the employee’s compensation on the grounds ofdisability discrimination. Finally, the main difference between thetwo releases, the news item is dependent on the agency’s findingsfor its article, and even quotes the EEOC website for further detailsin the case (JoeLustig, 2015).

Strategiesto ensure future compliance and inclusion in the multiculturalworkplace

Overthe time changes has been implemented in workplaces to accommodatedisabled employees as well as disabled clients, visiting differentworkplace. As a manager for the company, I would review the company’scurrent practices in order to identify barriers, and in turn developpolicies and programs to eliminate the barrier to the effectivepractice of the disability act. Moreover, communication strategieswould improve as well as training programs to both the management andemployees to enhance elimination of such cases of discriminationlater in the company. In addition, the company’s DisabilityAction Plan would be implemented, to give direction to fightdisability and other forms of discrimination. As a manager I would,ensue fair and consistency selection process for the employees in thefuture, as well as making sure the recruitment process accommodatesthe needs of people with disabilities (JoeLustig, 2015).In conclusion, the formation of the ADA and agencies such as the EEOChas been a positive aspect in the fight against all forms ofdiscriminations in work places. With reference to the case inquestion, the roles of the agency are well defined.


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