Education OUTLINE




  1. Introduction: – This will introduce what to expect in the paper. In this case, American education will be introduced and what the paper will cover.

  2. Teaching/Lecture Methods: – This will discuss the different teaching/lecture methods that are used in the United States. The following methods will be discussed

  1. Direct instruction Method

  2. Inquiry-based Learning Method

  3. Cooperative Learning Method

  1. Assessment Methods: – This part will discuss the different assessment methods that are used in the American education system. The following assessment methods will be discussed

  1. Written Reflections

  2. In-class Activities

  3. Exams

  1. Conclusion: – This section will highlight the main points in the discussion of the American education system

Theeducation system in the USA is different from that of other nationsbecause the states and local governments are primarily responsiblefor the education (Sowell, 2010). However, the Federal governmentcontributes approximately 10% of the national education budget.Different teaching and assessment methods are used in the Americaneducation system. The aim of this paper is to discuss the bestteaching and assessment methods in the American education system.

  1. Teaching/Lecture Methods

Differentteaching methods can be used in the American education system, butthe best teaching methods that can be used include direct instructionmethod, inquiry-based learning method, and cooperative learningmethod.

  1. Direct Instruction

Thisteaching method relies on explicit teaching by the use of lecturesand teacher-led demonstrations. This teaching method is usuallyeffective while teaching fundamental and basic skills in all contentareas (Westwood,2008).In this method, tutors ad professors are the sole suppliers ofinformation and knowledge.

  1. Inquiry-based Learning

Thisteaching method focuses on investigations of students and hands-onlearning. In this method of teaching, the primary role of a teacheris that of the facilitator, offering guidance, and supportingstudents through the entire learning process (Westwood,2008).Here, students play a participatory and active role in the learningprocess.

  1. Cooperative Learning

Thisteaching method emphasizes on group work (Westwood,2008).Besides, this method usually focuses on the understanding thatstudents tend to learn best when they are working as a team withtheir fellow students because they can learn better from their peers.

  1. Assessment Methods

Assessmentmethods are those techniques that can be used in establishing whetherstudents are in a position to understand and apply whatever they havebeen taught. The following assessment methods are considered the bestin the American education system

  1. Written Reflections

Writtenreflection is a popular and useful technique, where students writereflections concerning what they have learnt. This method can be usedwith students at the end of a class or can be used after thecompletion of an out-of-class activity. It helps teachers inestablishing whether the students understood what was taught in agiven class or at the end of a certain activity.

  1. In-class Activities

Inthis method, students are allowed to work in pairs or meager groupsin solving problems. This method is critical since it encourages peerto peer learning and offers rich class discussions. When this methodis used, instructors can move around the classroom helping studentsthat get stuck and guiding students or groups that follow the wrongdirection.

  1. Exams

Thismethod entails the use of tests, mid-term exams, and final exams inassessing the students. These exams are usually given at theconclusion of course units in order to get a clear view on what thestudents have grabbed at the end of the course unit (Westwood,2008).In this method, multiple choice, short answer, or short essayquestions can be used in assessing the students.

  1. Conclusion

Differentteaching and assessments can be used in the American education systemin ensuring that the best education is offered to the learners. Theteaching methods include direct instruction, inquiry-based learning,and cooperative learning method. On the other hand, the assessmentmethods include written reflections, in-class activities, and exams.


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