Ecology Homework Assignment


EcologyHomework Assignment

Thereis a myth concerning the ecology, which indicates that water vapor isa more important factor in global warming than carbon dioxide.However, this myth concerning the ecology is a fiction. The followingparagraphs discuss why this myth can be considered a fiction

Theidea indicating that water vapor can be considered as a moresignificant element in global warming in comparison to carbon dioxideis a fiction because considering the amount of time green house gaseslike carbon dioxide stay in the atmosphere is longer compared to theperiod that water stays in the atmosphere (Goldstein,2009). The quantity of water vapor in the atmosphere is usuallydetermined by the existing temperature, and any excess amount isusually lost. However, for the case of carbon dioxide, the amount inthe atmosphere is dependent on sinks and sources (Rapp,2014). As such, carbon dioxide would take many years to return to thepre-industrial levels. This makes carbon dioxide still a significantelement in global warming.

Besides,this is a fiction because water vapor does not force an increase intemperatures by itself, but tends to amplify the already existingwarming and can be held up to an equilibrium point (Archer,2011). Since the concentration of water vapor is usually atequilibrium in the atmosphere, the atmosphere can be in a position ofholding more water vapor in case overall temperatures are increased.However, the environment can only be in a position to hold smallamounts of carbon dioxide because its levels have increasedincredibly leading to a rise in temperatures (Singer &ampAvery,2007).

Inaddition, the level of water vapor changes depending with the regionfor instance, there is practically no water vapor in deserts orAntarctic or Arctic regions, while the air in the equator maycomprise up to 4% of water vapor (Soon &ampCentre for Studies in Risk and Regulation,2001). Humid regions that have tough natural greenhouse effects mayonly have a little effect of local climate, when there is additionalwater vapor and carbon dioxide. However, the warming will be verypronounced in the Polar Regions (Romm,2014). This makes water vapor less important in global warming.


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