Echoes from the Roman Ghetto Reflection

Echoesfrom the Roman Ghetto Reflection

Echoesfrom the Roman Ghetto Reflection

TheJewish Ghetto was impoverished and restricted villages that Nazismade purposely for isolating the race. People lived in deplorable andimpoverished conditions since the Nazis, under Adolf Hitler’scommand, were planning to kill the entire Jewish race in the Europe.Some of the concentration camps served as massacre centers for theJewish people, but they are presently major tourists’ attractions.

TheFosse Ardeatine memorial and the Jewish Ghetto are a significant partof people’s culture. However, the author is worried that the richhistory might soon disappear since many people living in the area aregentiles that may not understand the significance of the faith. In myview, the local government have an obligation of ensuring thathousing rates are affordable in the Ghetto region. Several peoplehave moved out of the vicinity because they cannot afford to pay thehigh costs of real estates. The author asserts that tourists andBohemians dominate the narrow streets of the Jewish Ghetto.Unfortunately, the natives who have lived in the region for millionsof years cannot afford the new living cost. In my opinion, the localauthority should subsidize the cost of life in the Jewish Ghetto sothat the original people can continue living in the region.Presently, many original inhabitants of the regions have beendisplaced by the high cost of living. Second, the local authoritiesshould give the original Jewish inhabitants freehold titles forownership of the property or locations they have occupied fornumerous years. Finally, local authorities should establish Jewishrelated facilities such as Synagogue and schools so to preventimmigration of original Jewish immigrant to bigger and developed townwhere they can access basic social amenities like hospitals, schoolsand other recreational facilities.

Inmy view, businesses should continue taking advantage of the businessenvironment the Jewish Ghettos have created despite the heinoushistorical events associated with the Ghettos. In fact, the ghettosserve as living proof of the adverse effects of racism and historicalanimosity. Tourists visiting the areas can learn the history of theregion and then take precaution for preventing a repeat of such aproblem in the future.

Insummary, the modern Jewish Ghettos are essential tourists’attractions. Visitors in the region learn essential tolerance lessonsfrom historical massacres. Besides, the impoverished Jewishcommunities can earn some income while serving as physical proof ofthe adverse effects of the Holocaust.