Earth`s Resources and Environmental Protection

Earth’sResources and Environmental Protection


Earth’sResources and Environmental Protection

Thisbook introduces the main techniques, tools, as well as methodologicalapproaches of the subject thorough the use of new applied visualfeatures. The book emphasizes that whatever takes place in places isincreasingly dependent on what takes place among places.Additionally, the book also emphasizes that people can understandmapped patterns through acknowledging the movement creating andconstantly rearranging them. Similarly, the authors focus on themanner in which various dimensions of geographic systems areprocesses are integrated. In chapter 9, “Earth’s Resources andEnvironmental Protection,” the authors give a definition of naturalresources. A natural resource is anything that that nature providesthat is useful and valuable to people (Dahlman, Renwuck &ampBergman, 2010). Natural resources are different form human inventionsand creations.

Theauthors go on to give the characteristics of natural resources.Moreover, the chapter introduces the concept of substitutability inthis chapter. The chapter also defines non-renewable and renewablesources. In this case, all the natural resources fall into either ofthe two major broad categories: nonrenewable or renewable resources.There is uneven distribution of mineral deposits in the world.Additionally, this chapter also explains on energy and geologicresources. The chapter encourages Cartels. In the light of this, acartel a group of countries that come together with the aim ofdetermining the price of some goods such as OPEC. Most of the oilreserves are located in the Middle East (Dahlman et al., 2010). Onthe world’s energy consumption, the United States consumesapproximately 25 percent of the total world energy (Dahlman et al.,2010). On the other hand, urban air pollution results in temperatureinvasion. Temperature inversion refers to a condition in which the“upper” atmosphere of a place is warmer compared to the “lower’atmosphere.


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