Domains of Emotional Intelligence


Domainsof Emotional Intelligence

Domainsof Emotional Intelligence

Accordingto Goleman (2009) the four main domains of Emotional Intelligenceform the fundamental aspects of understanding the field. One of thedomains is self-awareness. Self-awareness is the person knows,assesses and evaluates his or her emotions (Whisenand, 2011). Throughreflective moments, a person comes to his or her senses andunderstands why he or she behaves or acts in certain ways. Throughthe awareness of self, a person is able to judge his or her emotions.

Thesecond domain is self-management. This is the capacity of a person tocontrol his or her emotions. Self-management enables a person to betransparent, adaptable to situations and optimistic about hisbehavior. Through self-management, a person is able to know whetherhe or she reacts to situations or responds to them. According toGoleman (2009), being emotionally intelligent involves managingoneself to respond to situations rather than reacting to them.

Socialawareness is the fourth domain, which focuses on level of empathy andservice to other people. This is the knowledge of the person’sunderstanding of the social aspects of the environment andorientation to society’s dynamics (Whisenand, 2011). The fourthdomain is relationship management, which focuses on developing otherpeople. Proper management of relationships helps a person to beinfluential to others and inspiring them to be as good as he is. As aresult, a person builds good collaborations for a better life andperformance.

Ofall the four domains, Self-Awareness is the most important to me andprobably to every other human being. This is because being aware ofoneself allows people to manage their emotions and associate withothers (Goleman, 2009). In addition, self awareness helps people tomanage relationships by being able to respond to situations ratherthan react to them.


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