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The group has launched numerous DoS, publicity stunts, and otherforms of cyber-attacks on major government, organization, andreligious institutions. Although the group lacks a centralizedstructure, it poses numerous threats especially to the long-termstability of America. In fact, the group threatens the interests ofAmerica and cause noteworthy damage to America’s financial systemthrough exploitation, rebellion, and alteration of legitimatemarkets. For example, the group has put America’s companies in lessdeveloped countries at a disadvantage as they may part with billionsof dollars to protect their information. Although the group hasengaged in some counterproductive activities, it nevertheless poses athreat to the stability of America as sooner some of its memberswill break away and engage in serious matters given thedecentralization nature of the group. For example, the attack on Sonyand support of Assange demonstrates the threat that the group posesto the financial stability of America. In this regards, the lack ofcentralization means that members of the group or groups that relateto Anonymous may launch attacks on less developed countries that haveties with America to threaten the interests of America.


Crypto-currenciessuch as Bitcoin Wallet offer a simple manner of shifting value fromone individual to another. The crypto-currencies entail adecentralized money structure since the FED does not have controlover the system. A computer system fixes the eventual supply of cointhus, the system imitates the mining of metal, previously used. Inaddition, inflation cannot erode the value of Bitcoin, butunfortunately, the system has only gained popularity in countrieswith weak central banks. In America, the system does not threaten therole of FED as the system has not gained acceptance as well as thefact that the value of Bitcoin has experienced much volatility thanthe prices of gold or S&ampP 500 stock. However, Bitcoin provides astand for future virtual payments structures especially in regards tocredit cards. In this regards, credit cards companies can employ thetechnology employed by Bitcoin to offer seamless payment options. Assuch, Bitcoin has developed as a good thing for the financial systemas it does not threaten the FED, although some analysts fear that itcan be used in black markets.

PoliticalLeadership &amp Qualification Exams

Members ofCongress, political leaders, and presidents should not undertake acompetency test or screening before a popular vote as primariesespecially presidential primaries allow voters to screen presidentialcandidates. Although the tests were to act as prerequisite for theposts, people would still cultivate partisan stands on issues thus,such a system would not help. In fact, the congress or presidency hasnever lacked intelligent minds (about 94% of congressionalrepresentatives are college graduates). A college degree demonstratesthat congress people or people seeking presidential have afundamental comprehension of politics, logic, science, and history.In addition, the problem facing most elective posts is a partisanstand, lack of institutional tools, and superfluity of issues ratherthan lack of wisdom. However, such a system would ensure that peoplevoted in those areas have the required skills. In addition, it wouldensure that people voted in these offices do so through merit ratherthan political affiliations, a case that happens in some cases.However, the system would reduce these posts to posts based onemployment programs rather than based on elective premises.