Dinner Time at My House What I See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste


My family owns a restaurant and my mum is the chief chef, as afamily, Friday evening is set aside as family time whereby we talkand have blind dinner together. This is aimed at giving genuinecomments about the meal prepared by mum. We have an open kitchen sowhen setting the table am able to see my mum prepare a deliciousmeal. I can see her chopping the onion, carrots, and other vegetablesand placing them on a hot pan and adding oil. Occasionally she willlook towards my direction observe my work of setting the table thencomment on what I have done wrong or that I stop salivating the mealwill be ready in a while.

By eight pm we usually seated with our blinders on we start by a wordof prayer while holding hands I can feel my fathers’ firm grip ashe prays asking God to bless the meal we are about to have. I canalso feel the family cat rubbing against my feet and on left hand Ican feel my impatient younger brother signaling I tell dad to hurrythe prayers.

After the prayer, the radio is turned on and we listen to cool jazzmusic. Which at times fades away due to the noises generated byspoons and knives cutting into the delicious turkey or cake, thechewing and swallowing and comment such as waoh!, or yummy or mum youare the best cook.

Mums food always taste the best since, dad does help her in cookingit is so easy to taste and differentiate what mum cooked and what wascooked by dad.

When my new neighbor moved into to her new home her used to commentabout the sweet smell coming from our home of a delicious meal. I wasso proud to tell mum that our neighbor said her food smells nicewhich is true. Sitting at the table the smell of the meal makes mehungrier. As we eat we normally comment about the food using two ofour senses saying the food smell nice, taste good.

To sum up, during dinner all the five senses are used the five senseshelp in seen, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. The senses areparamount to human beings because they play a huge role inexperiencing the surrounding environment. The five senses helpspeople in enjoying life and offering protection to them (Rosa-Mendoza&amp Merer, 2011). Not everyone is lucky to be born with all thefive senses such people use the other senses better than those withall the five senses.


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