Developing Good Work Habits

DevelopingGood Work Habits

Ibelieve I am good in time management because I deliver my assignmentson time. However, I feel I have not been doing enough because Idedicate almost all my time to working. I rarely find time to play oreven interact with friends. Occasionally, I find myself multitaskingbecause I want to complete my jobs on time, and at least have time tointeract with friends. Unfortunately, the quality of my work is oftenpoor. I either score poor grades while sometimes the lecturerrequests me to redo the work. However, I have decided to stopmultitasking through dividing my day into blocks. When I am thelibrary, I will avoid opening more than one page (Reece, 2012).Besides, I will be switching off my phone and avoiding to login intosocial media websites because I realized I put substantialconcentration on the websites. I will establish a reward scheme tohelp me stay motivated in my plan. Each time I complete one task at atime and achieve the desired quality, I will drink a glass of milkbanana smoothie.

Sometimes,I take a lot of time as I am learning new skills. However, I havelearned the secret of brainstorming. The internet has severalinteractive tools that I can use to join professional forums where Ican get assistance on particular subjects quickly. Furthermore, Ihave resolved to step out of my comfort zone, and establish goodrapport with librarians and other students such that when I cancontact them to seek advice whenever I find it challenging to resolvea problem (Reece, 2012).

Finally,I will be working on a strict schedule to avoid conflictingpriorities. On several occasions, I am forced to work overnight, skipmeals or even important dates because I have urgent work to complete.My friends complain that I am poor in time management because Ialways arrive late. I am planning to change this routine throughensuring that I complete my work within the scheduled timewhatsoever.


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