Describe and discuss the 4 Ps associated with that Apple iPAD


Describeand discuss the 4 Ps associated with that Apple iPAD

4P’sof the Apple iPad

Marketingmix consist of four fundamental factors product, place, price andpromotional, commonly referred to as the 4-Ps. The 4-Ps serves asthe core decisions facets that companies in the market must manage tobe in a position to meet as well as satisfy the needs of thecustomers, thus being able to survive the competition (Kotler&amp Armstrong, 2010, p.1).These decisions facets are also the main strategies that are appliedby marketers to meet the customer needs. The 4-Ps help to offer aconcise picture of the marketing mix that is applied by a company inthe market. Nonetheless, the modern marketing strategies encompass aset of new marketing realities: people, processes, programs, andperformance. The new 4-Ps have become critical in the success of anymarketing mix (Jacinto2010, P.1). This paper shall exemplify both sets of 4-Ps with specialreference to the Apple iPad. This work shall also seek to provide ananalysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the Apple marketingstrategies to suit the target market for the Apple iPad.


Oneof the universal ways of evaluating a product being marketed by anyfirm is to analyze the 4-Ps. Given the pretty remarkable nature ofthe hardware behind Apple’s iPad, it is expected that the failureor success of the product in the global market shall depend on thefour Ps.


TheApple iPad is a simplified computing device for individuals who donot wish to go through the trouble of managing a full computer. Allapplications that run on the Apple device are installed, and for thatmatter, uninstalled through the App store. The iPad does not callfor the user to manage any files since all the application files arestored within themselves. Principally, the Apple iPad is a devicethat runs on customizability for ease to use (Kotler&amp Armstrong 2010, p.2).The iPad, just like its predecessor, is large meaning that,individuals with limited vision shall not experience difficultieshence using the product. In addition, it has big buttons whichensures manual dexterity. Therefore, this is a product that targetsmarket individuals who do not want to struggle when pressing smallbuttons like those of the iPod, and such may appeal to audience of 55years and above (Jacinto2010, P.1).


Appleuses the well known standard Apple promotion machineries. It appearsin magazines, and occasionally in newspaper. More often than not, itappears in platforms that are seen by the general public. The productalso appears on the company’s websites and techblogs (Kotler&amp Armstrong, 2010, p.3).In fact, the product has also made an appearance on the front page ofthe Apple websites. There are also television advertisements for theiPad, and the promotion behind the device is likely to reach the moretech savvy audience.


Acustomer will need to pay the same price for Apple’s iPad as adiscount laptop in any retail store. The iPad is much more costlythan the netbook, but individuals aged 50 and above would find itdifficult to use the small keyboard and screen on the Netbook. Inthis regard, the ipad would be preferable since it has a largerscreen which is easier for everyone to use (Kotler&amp Armstrong 2010, p.4). The iPad is a premium device and therefore, it makes logic that, theApple Inc no longer seek to be a price leader. It is notable that,one can buy an iPad at multiple price point. In the market, the basemodel that has an internal memory of 6Gb and does not possess the 3Gcapability, is the cheapest and goes for only $499. An improvedversion with 32Gb costs $599,while the retail for one with 64Gb goes for $699. Individuals whowish to purchase iPad with 3G capability must pay $130 more on top ofthe retail prices mentioned above (Jacinto2010, P.1).


iPadscan be found at the numerous Apples around the country, a handful ofretail stores and online. Apple stores, which are more than 284 innumber, are normally located in busy malls and other businessenterprises which provide different varieties of products. In thisregard, individual without a strong interest in electronic gadgetsuch as computers can see the front displays in Apple stores (Kotler&amp Armstrong 2010, p.5).Oneof the key partners of Apple Inc, Best Buy also carry the product andthis firm has a sizable footprint in the U.S. Amazon another onlinegiant online retailer. Thisplacement is important because it makes it possible for the companyto advertise the iPad to the light computer users (Jacinto2010, P.1)

Programand Performance

Applehas been known for charging high price for its elegant and efficienthardware, but for the iPad this is not the case. Apple is usingpenetration price policy where, depending on the ability and featuresof the iPad, customers are charged different prices (Jacinto2010, P.1). This means that, the company is sensitive to demographicsthat are not financially stable and would wish to have an ipad(Kotler&amp Armstrong, 2010, p. 9).TheiPad is also designed to meet the needs of all demographic groups, asit has a strong hardware for the youthful population and is largeenough for the elderly. The big keyboard and screen is alsosignificantly appealing to the elderly (Jacinto2010, P.1)

Peopleand Processes

Itis important that, all the people across the marketing ecosystem arealigned accordingly with the available resources to attain theintended purpose. Apple Inc has been highly consistent with itsmarketing messages both in print and electronic media. Therefore, itis evident that, the company has allocated resources to people indifferent programs, campaigns, channels and market segment to see toit that, the iPad reach its targeted customers (Kotler&amp Armstrong 2010, p. 10).To achieve this, the firm has always sourced for the most skilledpersonnel and utilizes the best vendors and retailers to support itsmarketing initiatives. As aforementioned, Apple Inc. has partneredwith the best retailers in the markets such as Best Buy and Amazonthat drives its marketing campaign (Jacinto2010, P.1).


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