Definition essay What is a good parent?

Definitionessay: What is a good parent?

Definitionessay: What is a good parent?

Manypeople get into marriage and give birth to children with a lot ofhope that they will give what is best to their children.Nevertheless, not all parents become good parents because they allhave different qualities, some of which denies them the opportunityto be classified as good parents. The phrase “a good parent” canhave different definitions according to the perception of differentpeople with regard to features that every good parent should possess.However, there are four major features that give a better definitionof a good parent in the contemporary society, which include theability to show love to children, being an effective teacher, beingflexible, and self-accepting.

Thecapacity to make a child feel loved or cherished, is among the mostimportant features of an effective parent. A good parent spends sometime with their children and supports them in doing what they like,including playing their favorite games (Farnen, 2014). In addition,good parents are able to express love to their children through hugs,warm words, and facial expressions. However, a good parent assumesthe responsibility of correcting their children whenever they gowrong. They correct their children in effective ways, which meansthat blame and criticism is avoided, and the parent focuses onshowing kids their mistakes and how to avoid them in the future.

Agood parent also acts as an effective teacher of children who expectthe parent to be an example to them. This means that a good parentassumes the responsibility of modeling the traits of the children byhelping them learn respect, good manners, and friendliness (EarlyParenting Foundation, 2014). Parents achieve this by setting clearrules and enforcing them. For example, a good parent praises goodbehavior and uses pre-determined consequences to correct mistakes andall negative actions done by children. This means that a good parenthelps children understand what should be expected of them and thepossible consequences of their actions.

Agood parent has clear standards, but this does not affect the qualityof being flexible. This means that the parent’s tendency to setclear standards for their children does not imply that the parentbecomes rigid. The aspect of flexibility implies that a good parentis able to adjust rules and standards in ways that are in line withchanges in the desires and needs of the children as they grow(Farnen, 2014). A good parent is able to read the cues of the childat various developmental stages and understands the type ofreinforcement that can work the best for them.

Agood parent learns the self-acceptance, which is based on the notionthat no one is perfect. A good parent understands that, as human,they are bound to make mistakes. The good side of good parenting isthat accepting mistakes and apologizing is part of life. This meansthat a good parent does not confuse between effective parenting and aperfect parenting (EPF, 2014). This also helps children learn how torespect their instincts, accept their mistakes, and apologize whetherdoing so is appropriate.

Inconclusion, “a good parent” is a term that refers to a parent whois able to express love to children, assume the responsibilities ofan effective teacher, being flexible, self-accepting. A good parentshows love for children, but does not hesitate to correct theirmistakes. A good parent also imparts appropriate traits and behaviorin children. A good parent sets clear standards, but is flexibleenough to comprehend the changing needs of the children as theydevelop. In addition, a good parent accepts mistakes and apologizeswhen necessary.


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