SinceDecember 22, 2014 to January 10, 2015, significant events haveoccurred in the United States. These events made national headlineson the news. The story outlined their effects and impacts especiallyon the American public.

Hereare some of the events:

OnDec 22, 2014, F-Squared Investments Inc. faced charges of defraudinginvestors’ through false statement about its flagship products. TheF-Squared agreed to pay $35 million to settle the regulatory charges.Howard Present the firm’s co-founder and former CEO were suedseparately with the same charges as the face of the company. The SECclaimed that the logarithms presented by company under the flagshipAlpha sector product did not even exist. This was because thelogarithms for Alpha sector product did not exist in the period ofpast seven years when the logarithms were said to be recorded.

Alsoin this day, the USA trade office stated that Russia had started tobackslide from its commitments as a fully-fledged member of theglobal economy and trading community. This is because Moscow haddented its opportunity of becoming a member of this community withits activities over the past one year. In addition, Russia’srelationship with the US is at the lowest since the cold war. The USwas also concerned with a trade relation worth about $40 billion ayear that is threatened by Russia’s food safety regulations. As USis concerned that Russia is using these safety regulations torestrict its farms import to Russia.

OnDec 23, 2014, the SEC, a stockbroker, based in California withdefrauding investors and seeking Pre-IPO on Facebook and Twittershares. This broker had raised nearly $3.5 in purchasing Facebook andTwitter shares prior their public offers. The SEC agreed to settlethis charges with Argyropoulos and barred them from working as abroker-dealer or an investment advisor while his financial penaltieswere set to be determined later. The SEC also gave a report on theannual trade and credit rating agencies. As these reports, provide aclear picture of the industries development.

On24 Dec 2014, the ETF released a lineup of rookies to be in the 2014cash. This move raised many eyebrows but was seen as a strategy tolaunch an ETF and have success. Also in this day, Colorado voters mayallow pot smoker to have concealed weapons. This was the first statelo legalizes marijuana, and now it is considering to allow marijuanasmokers to have guns. In addition, former President, George H. W.Bush was hospitalized for shortness of breath.

On25 Dec 2014, the weather forecast predicted that there would be therain and dust until the afternoon of Christmas. This would makeChristmas day travels a challenge. This weather would affect some 98million Americans set for holiday trips. Also in this day prosecutorswere to charge a former Korean airline executive for grounding a USNew York-to-Incheon flight because of being served with a bag ofnuts. Cho Hyun-ah, the former airline executive, was to be chargedwith a criminal offense of changing a flight route and the in-flightviolence. On another occasion, a California man was arrested forimpersonating a US soldier.

On26 Dec 2014, two transit cops in a Philadelphia subway delivered aChristmas baby. The two police were alerted of imminent birth in thetrain and rushed there just in time for the delivery. A third-gradeteacher donated $150 000 which she won to a school. She won this inan online game and gave the lump sum to her school. She remarked thather wish was that her scholars would leave for their December holidaywith a book in their hands. She stated that the reading in thatschool contagious that is why she had to get books for them to readover the holiday.

On27 Dec 2014, the Philadelphia transit officers visited the newbornthey helped deliver. They bought gifts for the baby including astuffed train representing the Southeastern PennsylvaniaTransportation Authority. In this day to a woman was guilty ofunlawful taking an ill neighbor’s dog and euthanizing it. Theprosecutor charged her guilty of theft, accruing stolen property andanimal cruelty. She is awaiting trial, which would amount up to tenyears imprisonment. On that day, a sad story happened when a 12-yearboy lost his life in California. This happened as he was riding hiselectric scooter her got as a present for Christmas. The kid droveinto an oncoming vehicle the car could not come to a halt in time toprevent the accident.

On29 Dec 2014, a group of hackers released a document that was claimedto contain about 13000 usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers.They claimed to have gotten the insight from popular online shoppingsites including Walmart and Amazon. This day served to be a good onefor online gamers as the play station networks were back on track.This happened after a cyber-attack crippled the system during theholidays.

On30 Dec 2014, a poll showed that Americans are less civic-minded thanthey were in 1984. They are less likely to do something for theircountry than before. It also indicated that they are less liable toreport crimes, participate injury assignments and even know Englishor keep themselves informed on current issues. Also on this daytravel agency Orbitz and United airline sued Aktarer Zama and hiswebsite for unfair competition. This is because the site was sellinghighly discounted plane tickets and ended up retaining more than 80%.

On31 Dec 2014, a pilot landed heroically a Virgin Atlantic plane withfaulty gear and saved the lives on board. The Virgin Atlanticesteemed his actions, and the passengers too praised him. Inaddition, police apologize for giving wrong information to a motherthat her son had been shot. This happened after the son called towish his mother happy holidays.

On1 Jan 2015, a man in Florida, Christian Gomez, is accused ofdecapitating his mother with an ax simply because of being told toremove boxes on New Year’s Eve. His brother called the authoritiesafter witnessing the horrifying act. Her body was discovered headlessnear the garbage can.

On2 Jan 2015, Javier Rivera collapsed and died on the spot after hit onthe head by a stray bullet. This happens as they were celebrating theNew Year. It left everyone puzzled, as nobody knew what had happen,as his three children just saw their dad collapse and die. On thisdate, a teen in Connecticut mysteriously disappeared after a NewYear`s Eve date with a stranger. 19-year-old Erika VonDwingelovanished around 8 pm after disclosed to her family that she was goingto meet a man named Chris.

On3 Jan 2015, a driver pulled over for traffic violation shot twice aNew Mexico police officer. The driver alighted his vehicle and openedfire on the police. He then fled on foot. Police are still searchingfor the gunman. In a more saddening news that day, a father stabbedhis son to death. Adrian Navarrete-Gonzalez stabbed his son afterpicking him up for a visit. He then informed the authorities of deathof his son.

On4 Jan 2015, a man in Massachusetts paid his bail money with his Nikeshoes. This surprising event happened when the judge advised the manto get creative. More shockingly, the judge accepted his shoes.Elsewhere in Las Vegas, a Canadian man touring the country stuck on azip line 80 fit in the air for about an hour. He was helped down byfirefighters after he was noticed dangling over the line.

On5 Jan 2015, Vice President Biden and his wife announce that they willattend Frank E. Campbell Funeral. They will also be the white houserepresentatives in the funeral. James Risen, a reporter with the NewYork Times, set to testify about a CIA leak. He is viewed as a keywitness in the case and scheduled to speak to prosecutors. However,Risen has refused to give evidence on grounds of protecting hissources confidentiality.

On9 Jan 2015, two FBI officials came out and said that the US was notbehind the North Korea internet hack. This hack caused the internetto cripple in the entire country of North Korea. The US governmenthas been hesitant in admitting whether it was responsible for thisattack.

On10 Jan 2015, following the Michael Brown shooting leader are puttingpressures for Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson to resign. His rulein the police force has received criticism because of his harshnessto protestors. Brown’s death serves as the trigger for the leadersto discuss his removal. Missouri leaders have held several meeting todiscuss on whether they should force his resignation. Elsewhere inConnecticut a former English teacher already, facing charges ofseduction is now arrested on allegations that he threatened to killhim. Danielle Watkins, the former teacher, is reported to have saidthat the teen student had taken everything from her, she will notrest until him, and his friend is both dead.

Inconclusion, these events made headlines in the United States. Thesestories are recorded in this summary as by the date they made theirheadlines on the news stations. This shows that significant events inthe United States calendar can be right or wrong. Some funny andothers sad but they all have to be noted as they teach people lessonsfor the future.