Critique for elements of style

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The Elements of Style, written in the 1950s by Strunk andWhite has stood the test of time and it remains an extremely usefulbook for everybody who wants to become a good writer. The book, whichis a 100 page pocket book, has largely and widely been cited as anextremely useful book for writers. While the book focuses on the useof the American English, it is essential to note that its elementsare useful even to the Britons. The book has a number of advantagessuch as being small and pocket size as well short (Strunk 66). It isevident that the book is only 100 pages long and therefore can make agood read even for travelers.

Another advantage of the book is the arrangement of the rules ofwriting. The book has been divided into various subtopics, whichmakes it easy for the reader to trace any piece of information. It isabundantly that writing is essential for everybody especially duringthese times of content rich web (Bennett 101). People require basicrules of writing to write blogs make comments and send emails. Thisbook comes in handy in providing such essential basic rules andregulations for writing.

Despite the above advantages that are associated with the book,there are a number of shortcomings that the book has manifested overthe years. It has been argued that the book has writing rules andregulations that are overly concerned about details and formalism(Bennett 75). It has been found out that, for instance, that some ofthe words and phrases that the book disapproves of have already beenadopted into the modern English dictionaries. It is also clear thatnot all the rules that the book has are fit for all types of writing.It is therefore essential not to use the book blindly. It would beessential to apply the rules selectively depending on the form ofwriting. Most of the rules given by the book such as punctuation,possessive singulars of nouns and Pairs of words that are commonlyconfused are common.

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