Consultation, a Services-Based Retail Company

Consultation,a Services-Based Retail Company

Consultation,a Services-Based Retail Company

Consultancyis one of the greatest strengths for organizational growth. It is myresponsibility as a consultant to provide the best advice andguidance to facilitate growth and productivity in the company. Theservice-based enterprise requires effective management strategies toincorporate customer-relationship management and service management.One of the first consultation initiatives is assessing the scientificmanagement principles. The scientific management philosophyemphasizes on four principles. The first principle emphasizes on theapplication of innovative scientific practices to replace the rule ofthumb (Taylor,2004).The second principle concentrates on harmonizing organizationalactivities and employees by creating a culture of organized labor.The third principle focuses on cooperation rather than individualism.The last principle focuses on creating the greatest efficiency andprosperity among workers while allotting work based on the workersbest interests and ability.

Whilethese principles concentrate on creating a productive culture thatidentifies, improves, and retains competences, they are not suitablefor a service-based company. Service-based companies sell services asproducts. However, unlike product-based organizations, consumerrelationships are very essential since they influence theproductivity and competitiveness of a company (Pryke&amp Smyth, 2012).If the company adopts scientific principles, there will be harmony,employee satisfaction, and cooperation. However, the approach willnot improve relationships with customers, hence reducing sales ofservices. Additionally, the company requires service managementprinciples, which include service positioning, strategy definition,service marketing, and service portfolio management (Kindström,2010).The approach offers better opportunities to establish the brand andpopularize the services among current and potential customers.

Itwould be recommendable to apply service management principles andcustomer relationship management to promote service sales and improveits competitiveness. According to Kindström(2010),service-based organizations capitalize on customers, whileproduct-based companies capitalize on building harmonizedrelationships in order to capitalize on labor, which is the majorfactor of production. Services require service-based, rather thanproduct-based approaches, upon which scientific management is based.


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