Constructivist Lesson Plan

ConstructivistLesson Plan


ConstructivistLesson Plan

Concept:Hand Hygiene

Theconcept taught in this lesson is the importance of hand hygiene andwhen it is required and how to do it right. Target audience is thevisiting patients in the queue and/ or in the reception awaitingtheir turn to see a doctor. The activity will take 15 minutes andrepeated after every two hours throughout the day to educatedifferent groups at different intervals.


Atthe end of the lesson, the audience will learn:

  • How to choose and use soap

  • The importance of hand hygiene and the health dangers it can bring

  • When hand hygiene is obligatory

  • How to do it right


  • Soap/ hand wash

  • A sink (for running water)

  • A towel/serviette

  • Hand sanitizer

  • A reference article with statistics


  • Introduce the term hygiene to the audience

  • Highlight the diseases that can result from improper hand hygiene

  • Show students how to wet their hands and apply soap

  • Explain in details how to rub palms and spread the soap systematically

  • Show how to use rotational rubbing

  • Demonstrate how to rinse and dry both hands (Joint Commission Resources, 2014).


  • Ask three (or more) volunteers to demonstrate what they have learned

  • The audience to highlight and correct any skipped step by the volunteers (Joint Commission Resources, 2014).


Tocheck for understanding, the instructor should ask the audience viewkeenly how the volunteers demonstrate their acquired skills (JointCommission Resources, 2014).


JointCommission Resources, Inc. (2014). Handhygiene: Toolkit for implementing the national patient safety goal.Oakbrook Terrace, Ill: Joint Commission Resources.