Composition Journals Journal I



Inthe speech, “This is Water”, David Foster examines howunconscious living can lead to frustrations and stress. Similarly,language is an acquired medium that starts as a conscious process,but gradually becomes a subconscious human capacity that facilitateshuman interactions. Once the basics of language become embedded inthe human sub-consciousness, its use appears intrinsic and automatic.I have severally used language unconsciously. For example, dialoguesand conversations demonstrate the superiority of the subconscious useof language. In most informal conversations, humans barely thinkabout their answers or verbal reaction to statements. Arguments alsoemerge as subconscious reactions with automatic phrases, statements,and words being generated to counter source information. Humansbarely consider their statements, but find themselves uttering andverbally reacting to the source information. Some of the consequenceshave been in the use of abusive words and language in embarrassingsituations. While language is supposed to be conscious, theunconscious reaction may affect word choice and expose someunderlying negative traits of speakers.


InSocrates’ statement, &quotThe unexamined life is not worthliving&quot, the philosopher observed how people failed to reflecton their lives, relationships, thoughts, and actions, due to beingsubdued by unconscious living patterns. Socrates observed howsubconscious programming constantly distracts human nature, leadingto minimal, if any, contemplation of behavior and norms. Thestatement seeks to evoke necessities of examining, how, why, and whenhumans engage in social, professional, spiritual, and personalactivities. When humans reflect on the patterns of behaviors andactions, they develop deeper contemplation, which leads to a betterunderstanding of the subconscious programming. Some simple actionsperformed in the subconscious mode may have severe consequences tohuman social and spiritual development. It is therefore imperativefor individuals to conduct self-examinations and assessments in orderto understand the implications of the subconscious programming to theconscious relationships and behavior. For example, a married truckdriver held up in his job for days with a subconscious satisfactionof fending for his family ultimately loses the fundamentalrelationship with his wife and children. The programmed routinecreates rifts in his marriage due to failure to examine how hiscareer affects the fundamental principle of being human: love andcare for those close to him.


In“Def Poetry: Speak with Conviction” the comedian makes a criticaland factual observation on human’s use and misuse of language todeliver information. The comedian observes that most people often useunconvincing statements and phrases, creating confusion anddiscontent among the receivers. The video admits that while somepeople set conversation goals, the delivery fails to make an impactdue to consistent use of ‘like’ and ‘you know’, which createunconvincing effect among the receivers. While summarizing thestatement, the comedian argues that despite the longstanding beliefin questing authority, humans should enhance their skills in order to‘speak with authority’. The statement considers deliveryimperative in shaping direction of conversation, establishing senseand authority, as well as gaining control of situations andconversations. The use of ‘like’ and ‘you know’, changes thecourse of a conversation, since it assumes the receiver is alreadyaware, hence eliminating need to make a conviction. Accuracy,premeditation, and reflection on topics should influence anyconversation while eliminating unnecessary phrases and statements.


Inepisode 0113 of ‘Mad Men: The Carousel’, Draper uses the rhetoricappeal of pathos to influence consumer perceptions. The firstobservation made in the pitch is on the necessity of establishingsentimental bonds with consumers. Draper observes the importance ofcreating an emotional attachment between consumers and products. Thedirector identifies the ‘The Carousel’ as an emotional cycle thatreminds consumers of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with products.The pitch targets people’s emotional susceptibility and weaknesseswhen evaluating products. When a personal approach is connected toadvertisements, it evokes feelings of appreciation and understanding.It makes consumers aware that personal interests and needs areconsidered in products’ composition. Pathos evokes the emotions oflisteners by making them afraid, happy, comfortable, and sadness,among other emotions.


Inthe statement, &quotGreat minds discuss ideas Average minds discussevents Small minds discuss people&quot by Eleanor Roosevelt, theunderlying concept is enhancing relevance by using logic, criticalthinking, creativity, and self-assessment. Eleanor tried todifferentiate people’s intrinsic behaviors with their perceptions.A great thinker evaluates situations in order to generate relevant,appropriate, and convincing ideologies, which are beneficial andinnovative. Ideas are mainly progressive and productive. However,average thinkers dwell on the past and reevaluate their failures andpast mistakes, hence limiting personal and social growth. They arestagnated social pillars, who fail to move on. Small minds areretrogressive since they focus on other people’s affairs, henceengaging in unconscious degradation of personal and socialstructures. When individuals discuss people and events, they allownon-productive systems to define their future and social status. Theydelay in implementing proactive social and personal developmentstructures. However, great minds have control over their personal andsocial capacities. They identify challenges, solutions andopportunities for growth.