Composition II discussion

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Question one

In describing oneself, it is clear that the aspect of self identitygoes beyond the skin color or gender. However, these are still vitalelements of self identity. I am young person and a student. I am agood hearted person and I have a will of helping other people who arein trouble. Additionally, I relate very well with people such as mypeers and my instructors. I have excellent communication skills andthis enables me to interact and express myself effectively before mypeers. I find myself being annoyed by people who are not keen todetail since I am an extremely careful and keen to details person. Iam an extremely ambitious person and I go for what I put my focus andefforts on. I believe in achievement and hardly do I fail in most ofmy undertakings. I try my best to achieve the goals I set and Inormally set high goals since am hard working and have self belief.

Question two

Mirrors are extremely fascinating and have been in use for decades.Research has indicated that young children aged 2 to years find itdifficult to identify themselves in the mirror. Mirrors are a way offinding self identity. It is clear that they are a reflection of aperson and this makes them extremely fascinating. Mirrors have beenin use mainly in the fashion industry. Models have used mirrors as away of assessing their beauty. Mirrors are used by people to assesshow other people see them. They show a person the image that otherpeople will see when they look at a person. However, mirrors havealso been associated with illusions and hallucinations. Research hasindicated that when someone looks at themselves in the mirror in adark room, the image on the mirror does not appear as the same personand this seems scaring. It has been associated with hallucinationsabout such images. Some communities, especially in Africa have warpedviews about mirrors and consider them as magic or elements with evilpowers. Mirrors are extremely necessary in the fashion industry. Inorder for a person to consider himself or herself beautiful, he orshe must approve of herself before other people approve of herbeauty. In this regard, mirrors become extremely essential in thiscontext.

Question three

The story, the dog and his shadow is a fascinating story, notbecause of its interesting nature, but because of the moral lessonthat it has. It is clear from the story that the dog was eager to getthe piece of meat with the other dog. This made the dog to lose hisown piece of meat and remain with none at all. It is a story that hasthe moral lesson of asserting that people should be contented withwhat they have lest they lose it all while trying to get everythingfrom their friends. The story also highlights the moral lesson ofbeing intelligent and not making quick decisions without having asecond thought. It is evident from the story that had the dog thoughttwice before opening its mouth, the piece of meat would not have beenlost. The element of the mirror and the illusions that it can createcan be seen at play in this moral story. Whereas one can blame thedog for its greedy nature, it is abundantly clear that the dog wasconfused by the mirror. The dog was unable to identify itself in themirror and it thought that the reflection was another dog.

Question four

It is clear from the triple self portrait that the artist isattempting to paint himself on the board. He is using a mirror as areflection of himself and then uses the mirror image to draw theportrait. The name of the portrait sends a clear message of what theartist is doing. It is evident that there are three portraits of theartists in this image. The image on the mirror, the portrait he ispainting and himself are the triple self portraits that he isreferring to in his title. The artist is trying to show how a mirrorcan be an important tool in art. It is evident that the artist wouldhave found it extremely difficult to paint himself if he did not havethe mirror. The image is full of creativity and it is an ingeniouspiece of art. The use of the mirror to create a reflection of what topaint is an ingenious concept. It is clear that the portrait has noeye glasses yet the mirror image has eye glasses. It can be assumedthat the artist removed the glasses when starting to draw the image.

Question five

It is abundantly clear that there is no one who can write wellwithout thinking rightly. It is not therefore possible to teach a badthinker how to write well. It is evident from research that writingis an expression of idea in writing. It can therefore be concludedthat a person who fails to think critically cannot come up with ameaningful piece of writing. People can either express their thoughtsthrough speech, actions or through writing. For instance, poetsexpress their thoughts through poems. On the other hand, storytellers express their thoughts through various forms of stories. AsWilliam Zinsser states, “Writing is thinking on paper”, it isclear that without proper thinking, a person cannot come up with aconstructive piece of writing. A person must first have ideas fromgood thinking before embarking on having them on paper. It is alsoevident from research that majority of the writers in history aregreat academicians and little is known about writers who neverschooled.