Community and Population Based Nursing Care

Communityand Population Based Nursing Care

Communityand Population Based Nursing Care

Communityand public health nurses incorporate knowledge and communitycooperation of the whole population with clinical and individualdisease and health skills for both families and individuals of agiven population. The professionals associate and integrate theillness and health knowledge of different, but susceptible familiesand persons of a population. Both public and community health nursesare active in providing primary care to families and patients, caremanagement and health education (Kulbok et al., 2012). They alsooffer basic contribution to interdisciplinary plans that respond,monitor and predict public health issues in certain populations.Other healthcare professionals are based at diverse service deliverypoints such as administration, health care centers, hospitals,academic training and research. On the contrary, community and publichealth nurses travel from one location to another serving the sick.The latter also provide healthcare services to patients in theirhomes (Anne, 2013).

Themain skills and experience required in population-focused nursingpractice ability to evaluate evidence and data intended for enhancingnursing practice. Besides, they should be capable of integratingskills from other sciences and humanities within the scope of othernursing sciences. The individuals also strive to achieve costeffective, quality and improved access healthcare services (Stevensonet al., 2007). Besides, they are capable of passing practiceknowledge, in both written and oral and written forms, in anefficient manner. Lastly, they play an essential role in transformingscientific knowledge into practice.

Thedecision-making process of population-focused nursing practice skillsaims at solving health problems affecting a large number of people.On the contrary, institutional settings require skills that aim attreating individuals. In addition, decision-making in aninstitutional setting aims at diagnosing a given diseases whilepublic and community nurses makes decisions based on a variety ofdisciplines (Stanhope &amp Lancaster, 2004).


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